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Who should be charged with attempted murder

To charge many fbi agents,  operatives, judges and ordinary neighbors with the inchoate crime of attempted murder, or murder when the victim achieved final exit under stress.
Fbi wax house of horrors
Fbi wax house of horrors
For over 35 years  the fbi engaged in attempts on my life, torture by DEW/ELF and painful psychological operations (&  'gaslighting'). The assaults with microwave and extremely low frequency sound waves have accompanied the potentially deadly assaults. Also, many fbi operatives and members of the general population have threatened and physically attacked me. 

I have come to understand that the fbi considers my very existence as 'illegal'. I therefore deem that any fbi thug sent to harm or kill me truly INTENDS that I die.

See the following messages to me from fbi which document efforts by fbi to force a final exit:


"Kill yourself GERAL SOSBEE " , "Pack it Up"

The law that I sited below in my Academia.edu paper  should be applied to fbi's covert intelligence operations which are intended to harm or kill me. All fbi agents & operatives should in many instances be charged as principals or accessories to felonies committed in furtherance of fbi's efforts to kill me.



Furthermore, the people who assist fbi in torture and harassment  (including members of the general population) might be surprised to discover that they too are or might be accessories to attempted murder of this fbi Target.

SEE my *recent articles on corruption of judges, police, prosecutors and fbi operatives who act in furtherance of the fbi's felonies against me and others. They should all face charges when I prove the following 6 elements:

(SEE also video online showing apparent fbi operatives who stalk, assault and intimidate their intended victim. Then, the same hooligans repeat again and again the same crimes.)

Six steps (edited by me) to be shown for prosecution of large numbers of persons and officials with attempted murder:
The actor gets the idea for the crime (killing the victim) from fbi
The actor evaluates the idea, deciding whether to proceed, being paid or otherwise compensated by fbi
The actor decides to go forward with the idea, with constant supervision of fbi Special Agent 
The actor prepares for the crime, by obtaining necessary weapons.... No additional weapons are needed because the victim is worn down from attacks referenced above
The actor begins the crime, as often caught on video (see my reports & logs and video of David Atkins)
The actor finishes, or completes the crime, and then continues the 24/7/365 stalking and harassment everywhere the victim goes globally
(Jerome Hall, General Principles of the Criminal Law, 558-99 (2d ed. 1960).)

 link to austin.indymedia.org



homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
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GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

No more heinous cowards are hatched & nourished in USA than clandestine assassins of fbi/cia.