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CNN's "The Kennedy's": Their Fortune Came From WALL STREET????????????????????????????????

CNN's bullshit series is a freaking JOKE
dear old Dad
dear old Dad
In the Kennedy household, any hint of rebellion or disobedience was quickly met with resistance by the family padrone, old Joe Kennedy Sr. When young daughter Rosemary showed early signs of intellectual and emotional independence incongruous with accepted Kennedy standards, she was dealt with in a very typical Joseph P. kind of way. She was forced to undergo a LOBOTOMY. CNN claims the operation "went wrong", thus making the kid a vegetable for the remainder of her sorry life. But nothing went wrong. Everyone knew what a lobotomy did to people. It was no no secret. CNN also claims it was done to "prevent her from becoming pregnant". Now there's some modern birth control for you! It seems Rosemary was also somewhat sexually liberated- a real no-no in the Irish Catholic dominated world of Hyannisport. According to the clowns at CNN, 'ol Joe made all his millions on Wall Street as a "rogue" trader!! That's really what they said. He had a magic touch in the stock market that brought him untold wealth and power. They never even MENTIONED that JPK was one of the USA's biggest importers of bootleg whiskey during the bloody days of prohibition. He was the New England Al Capone in many ways. He brought in millions of dollars worth of the finest Canadian booze on boats docked right offshore. He paid off cops, politicians, and Coast Guardsmen by the hundreds. He never made a DIME on Wall Street. CNN never once mentioned his involvement in mega-class rum running. Plus they never mentioned his involvement in the Hollywood film industry and how he destroyed the very lives of his competition. Setting them up to be arrested with drugs and hookers was his favorite method of eliminating business foes in Hollywood. His stable of "starlets" was never mentioned either by the gang in Atlanta. No- The Kennedy's were ruled by a good Christian man who never cheated on his wife and was a stock market whiz. The Deep State murdered JFK. Flat out. They're still selling us a pile of shit too.