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Fbi induced stress leads to violence throughout society

Our violent society is made so partly by fbi/police. Here are examples:
Welcome to fbi wax house of horrors
Welcome to fbi wax house of horrors
Violence and inhumanity encouraged and caused by fbi/police throughout our society

The fbi now intentionally causes some people to become violent. The fbi attacks their Targets with DEW/ELF, etc., and *sends thugs (and sometimes neighbors) to threaten, insult, harass and attack the Target.
I have known of several instances of such attacks resulting in the imprisonment or death of the fbi Target.

As the fbi has executed  all manner of assaults on me, the fbi comes in line to fraudulently announce that, "Sosbee is combat veteran and therefore a murderer, and he plans to shoot up a school or theatre ".

In the apartment complex where I resided, the fbi even contacted neighbors and instructed them how to harass me: The fbi notified  neighbors as to the time I returned to my apartment on several occasions,  and the neighbor hid nearby in her/his vehicle and aggressively tailgated me the moment I entered the gated community.

Similarly, the fbi directed another neighbor to threaten me, to vandalise my car, and engage with others in repeatedly blocking my assigned parking space. Also, fbi pumped toxic fumes into my residence. The manager participated and ignored all crimes.

The fbi also sends operatives,  including cops, to harass and threaten me. If I try to file a police report,  the police refuse to investigate, and the prosecutors decline the case.

All of the stress heaped on me by fbi for 35 years induces coronary artery disease in me. Even members of Congress and judges fan the flames of fbi hostilities. 

So, the thugs at fbi and NIH, et al., fully understand that much violence in our society is intentionally caused by fbi, police and even upstanding  members of the community.

See the cases of Myron May and Aaron Alexis for additional data on ELF attacks, stress and violence.

* I recently learned of a man being psychologically tortured and physically assaulted by fbi operatives:


For scientific evidence of similarly induced stress, note that electrodes are the equivalent to DEW/ELF technology referenced herein.



"They experimented with rats because it's possible to implant electrodes in the brain to turn on and off the stress sensors, and of course that sort of thing would be frowned upon if the subjects were humans."



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