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Dr. Jordan Peterson The Language of Power vs Freedom of Speech

(3:26)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SgwC0wv0I0

"There's no evidence that the people who are conducting these protests, know what it is that they are protesting against."

full 03/05/2018 QU speech linked here -
The Queen's University Talk: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech


homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SgwC0wv0I0

Peterson Looks Like A Fake Alt-Right Superhero 17.Mar.2018 11:53


In a very real sense he has an important point. But he pins everything on so-called social justice "warriors", which is absurd.

The reality is that the young people seem to have been trained to be stupid. For example, virtually everyone in the alt-right world is required to believe that global meltdown is a vast hoax. I don't know if it is or not; how would I know? So how do they know? Then, protests against school shootings were organized by a huge number of schools(!) on Wednesday, March 14, and students who avoided the "protest" were punished. I would have stayed in class; maybe they would try to charge me with trespassing? We are becoming a nation of insane robots.

The worst thing, obviously, is the pervasive demonization of Russia and Putin, with absolutely no real evidence whatsoever (very likely to bring about global nuclear war. This is what the school students need to be protesting). (Demand today that your school conduct another walkout in protest of Cold War #2. See how far you get.)

Dr. Jordan Peterson appears to be a total fruitcake pretending to be some kind of alt-right superhero. I hope he goes the way of the scandalous Dr. Phil McGraw, the TV psychologist ("accused of procuring drugs and tempting guests with alcohol ahead of show tapings that focused on addiction" -- Fox News).

Ad hominem: all that blues has (natch) to offer 17.Mar.2018 19:45


" fake / fruitcake / In a very real sense he has an important point "


prior to dishing out Amateur Hour ad hominems, blues you might want to comprehend the person directed at.

Peterson has been involuntarily "embroiled" in the SJW controversy, due to actual academic warfare and persecution occuring in his native Canada of which he's been a specific target.

He's a psychologist by academic profession. You should observe / study his online interviews (for example with Joe Rogan).

He has a lot to say and contribute beyond 'ideology' (and that is an area where yes, younger right wing people have latched on to what he says.

Ideology: seek out his lectures and topic presentations on that. Himself, and as a tenured/published academic, he absolutely does not seek or adhere to ideology or particular ideological positions and explicitly states so.

It is the ideological goose-stepping of postmodern academia that is Peterson's own "crusade" (against), if he even 'stands for' anything.

From that post-Foucault-ish academia, flows the ideological underpins of 21st century Antifa (even if they deny/won't admit to it) and much of the "race / gender conscious" [as opposed to CLASS-conscious] so-called 'left' activism today latter of which has trickled-up to the U.S. Democrat party and DNC :


Once a class-based coalition, the party has become an alliance between upscale well-educated whites and, importantly, ethnic and racial minorities, many of them low income.

A "grab them by the pussy," racist, sexist white man has grabbed the White House, and the polite class is twirling in outrage like dervishes approaching oblivion.

Fake Alt-Left Superheros (e.g. Hogg) are more of a threat 29.Mar.2018 09:25


Peterson stands on his own credibility and academic record; he's not being lauded and Served-Up-For-Flav-'O'-Month-Pop-Consumption by corporate mass media.

( as in: He ain't no Phil McGraw or David Hogg )

"blues" per usual, living as he does in his cardboard box under bridge worshiping Car-Fresh-N-Er talismans, does not provide any cogent analysis or comprehension but only his own narrow, narcissistic and paranoid image of how he believes selected elements in the world operate.

Peterson has gained a grass roots following based on his psychology everyday-life (e.g. "clean up your room" educate yourself on that phrase vis-a-vis J.P.) 'advice' as an offshoot of his own school lectures being shared on YouTube, in addition to the direct confrontations on Canada's college campuses with the academic Stasi (form of : rigid postmodern academia storm troops who vilify him personally and ideologically). If you are in league with 'multiculturalism' (whatever that might mean as of 2018, at least back in the '90s it actually meant something coherent...) or the other parts of contemporary academia which can't withstand questioning such as Peterson presents, you'll be opposed to him.

Peterson stands on his own credibility and academic record... 31.Mar.2018 19:15


I could not care less about this person's "stand". He invites us to travel a road the ends dead in the middle of nowhere. Why should we care? What will he solve?

Once a class-based coalition, the party has become an alliance between upscale well-educated whites and, importantly, ethnic and racial minorities, many of them low income.

Who cares about the Apocalyptic Democrat Party? Get Strategic hedge simple score voting. With this you get to give, say, between 1 and 10 votes to every one of as many candidates as you prefer. This would totally disrupt the two-party system.

Why spend hours listening to Peterson's insane rap?

blues: "I could not care less about this person's "stand"" 01.Apr.2018 11:05


That's just it blues, you have nothing to contribute besides

Simple Score Voting
________ is CIA

You have no interest in discussion of any topic and have never, ever participated in an exchange of ideas on this site (only incessant ***mming of the 2 listed above).

I have posted / linked a lot else to this site apart from the DNC's woes (which are symptomatic of the larger left and far-left activist contemporary scene) - for example just look at the March For Our Lives delusion-fest recently.

No of course I don't give any more of a ***t about the Democrat party than you do:
only pointing out overall decline in effectiveness, visibility in particular since November 2016.

as mentioned here  link to portland.indymedia.org )
Left 'activism' has chosen no longer to support Class-based approaches, rather centering upon identity-based political theory and action.


Here is a full Documented List of articles posted to This Portland Indymedia Newswire, about the Late Great Left Movement :
Left Misses target V2.0 and "Right wing populism"


p.s. blues, here's a Russia conspiracy article for ya  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2018/02/435514.shtml#452291