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Traitors Among Us

The nation we thought that we defended in battle is controlled by traitors and psychopathic killers in fbi.
GERAL SOSBEE , Vietnam 1967
GERAL SOSBEE , Vietnam 1967
Traitors Among Us

This report is directed to all veterans (vets) of U.S. military service returning home from foreign conflict and war.

The traitors of the fbi may seek to kill or imprison you and they will exploit your terrible memories and aggravate any traumatic injuries (physical of mental) that you may have suffered. 

When the fbi seeks a way to harm a vet, nothing prevents the fbi from sending provocateurs to stir up your bad memories and reflexes. 

In a vendetta against me for thirty years the fbi sends thugs (usually approaching me from my back) to knock me down, to grab me offensively,  to pay me on my back, or to otherwise startle and provoke me.
The fbi knows that I served in combat and that I may have endured traumatic stress in Vietnam. 

On many occasions the fbi sends their thugs and assassins to try and cause a spontaneous response to their violent assaults. Most recently, I documented an assault and battery on my person by a punk who told police that he was just being friendly with me. The police then accepted such absurd statement and the prosecutor dismissed my complaint and closed the case.

On other occasions the fbi sends their hoodlums into the library to surprise me by touching me on my shoulder while I am busy in typing a report on fbi treason. I typically am sensitive and extremely startled by this sort of assault,  and the fbi knows it. So, the fbi as fools and traitors attack the very men who defend the USA and who make fbi jobs in our country possible. 

For an example of another fbi thug who tried to pick a fight with me, as cops stood nearby ready to arrest me, see my report of Alonzo Yanez at the bottom of page here:


Therefore, our wonderful country is now controlled by psychopaths and killers who trample on fundamental human, civil and constitutional rights of vets and others. Federal judges give the fbi full corrupt legal authority to engage in high crimes that I document. Such crimes include torture, mayhem and murder, and often employ DEW/ELF and fiendish psychological assaults on our people.

The cowards in Congress are complicit in all unconscionable crimes that I and many others document.

Thank you.

homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

Typo: the word 'pay' should read 'pat' 14.Mar.2018 22:38

GERAL gsosbee@gmail.com

4th paragraph should read in part:

...pat me on my back.