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All police allow fbi's crimes against Targets

After decades of fbi covert assaults on me, I conclude that the entire culture of USA is controlled by fbi assassins.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
I have documented the following facts over the past 35 years:

The fbi now at will prevents all authorities from the legitimate performance of their duties to the Targets of fbi kill, torture and defamation campaigns.

Police often refuse to investigate crimes against fbi Targets. Occasionally police threaten the fbi Target for filing a report. City prosecutors refuse to prosecute assaults on fbi Targets and State Attorneys are simarly not interested in the plight of fbi Targets.

Federal cops in all departments of government, as well as all members of Congress and all judges (tripartite) cooperate with fbi against the fbi Target.

The thugs, Special Agents, operatives and assassins in the employ of fbi have authority to continue the life threatening attacks that I have reported for decades. Also, attacks by DEW & ELF continue unabated even while fbi thugs engage in multiple crimes against my person.

The ELF assaults cause extreme sleep deprivation, loss of hearing and heart disease (inter alia). The unrelenting assaults by fbi operatives are intended to violently provoke the Target in efforts to manufacture a basis for arrest, or civil commitment.

So, I must conclude two points:
Fbi crimes against Targets cannot be stopped, and assaults with deep space based weaponry (DEW/ELF) similarly is a permanent tool for government to torture and discreetly murder selected Targets.

Any hope for a cessation of these hostilities is not rational, but is based on delusion and fear. Hope does not spring eternal in Targets who accept the reality of USA cultural and governmental depravity and evil.

homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA

Addendum 13.Mar.2018 20:00


Today, immediately after the city attorney refused to prosecute a clear case of assault & battery on my person, the fbi fraudulently registers me with the following site and sends me a notice on guns:


"Forget Guns, Try this free..."

Note that the fbi is fully aware of death threats and deadly assaults on their Targets. In the cases of Myron May and Aaron Alexis they were driven to insanity on purpose. Fbi also came online a few years ago to fraudulently announce that , " ...as GERAL SOSBEE is a combat veteran he is a murderer and a possible mass murderer."