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When Will the Me Too Movement Take on the New Age?

The New Age movement are some of the most prominent unrepentant abusers of women. Why has the Me Too movement not gone after them? Their pseudo feminism.
The Me Too Movement is now in its fifth month of being a true phenomenon. Actors, directors, CEOs, politicians, and sports figures have all been brought down. Some of the most powerful males, untouchable for decades, have seen their careers ended, become pariahs, and many are facing prison, the great majority deserving their fate. Finally, some justice against powerful serial rapists and abusers, even if long delayed or limited, has come.

The reach of the movement has extended far beyond the US to at least 84 other countries. It has had an impact on behavior and policies in workplaces, schools, the military, and churches. Yet one group has notably been left untouched, and it is not hard to see why.

The New Age movement, sometimes called neo shamanism, or repackaged as core shamanism, has yet to feel the righteous wrath of Me Too. And few movements would deserve it as much. For the New Age movement is an area of religious/spiritual life where abuse is not just epidemic. It is routine, and often not even hidden. But unlike say, the Catholic Church, there has been no public outcry for New Age leaders abusing their followers.

The founder of New Age in the 1970s, Carlos Castaneda, demanded of his followers that they take a shortcut to enlightenment by, seriously, ingesting his sperm. Native scholar Vine Deloria described how the earliest New Age leaders in the hippie counterculture would designate a blond white woman as "Mother Earth" and demand the right to fertilize her in a fake ceremony passed off as Native. Such deception, abuse, and assault became routine.

1. The so called Rainbow Tribe cult, around since the 1970s, has long been notorious for rapes, child molesting, drug abuse, and piles of garbage including used syringes, all desecrating Native sacred sites. An English leader of the Rainbow cult, Paul Robin Denton, was convicted of a dozen counts of serially raping a teenager in 2010. Then he intimidated her into silence and was set free. He continues to attack her online to this day, claiming there's a conspiracy of feminists and Muslims against him.

2. A red-haired Irishman named Harley Reagan called himself Swiftdeer/Thunder Strikes, posed as Cherokee and Mayan and started the Deer Tribe cult, selling phony "Cherokee sex ceremonies" where followers were ordered to masturbate anally in groups and charged $3000 each for it. The cult routinely uses prostitutes in their gatherings to entice new members. Some accounts describe group sexual assaults against women.

3. A blond blue eyed German American named Charles Storm AK Hyemheyosts authored Seven Arrows and formed a cult. Ex members of the cult allege Storm abused a number of their children and kept their silence by threats and payoffs in a lawsuit. Storm's history of abuse goes back to 1954, when he committed statutory rape of a 15 year old.

None of the above ever faced any real consequences for their crimes and abuse. The "Rainbows" gather and desecrate several Native sacred sites a year, refusing to do anything about abuse in their ranks. Though Castaneda's books were debunked immediately as plagiarism and racist falsehoods, they are still best sellers in nonfiction. His cult Cleargreen continues today. Charles Storm never did prison time for any of his assaults. His whereabouts remain unknown. Seven Arrows is still used in literature courses in universities and he is still listed as a Native author despite being exposed immediately as an imposter by actual Natives. Authorities in Arizona repeatedly refused to prosecute the Deer Tribe, even when Harley Reagan issued threats to kill Presidential candidate Al Gore in 2000 and start a civil war, and even when Native activists showed them videotaped evidence of prostitution and drug use at cult gatherings.

There are a few New Age abusers who have been convicted. Guru Prem Paramahansa went to prison for molesting two girls. Dwight York AKA Chief Thunderbird of the Nuwaubians, a Black supremacist New Age cult, holds the record for child abuse counts, over 200. But a disturbing pattern emerges. Prem and York are not white. Storm, Denton, and Reagan are.

Ignoring these cults' abuse is part of a long pattern of ignoring Native voices. Black Lives Matter brought attention to police murders of Black youth. That Native youths have a higher unjustified death rate from police receives little attention. Some statues honoring Confederate white supremacist traitors have been taken down. Columbus Day is still celebrated. Hundreds of monuments to him are across the nation.

An obvious reason why New Age cult abuse thrives is that many white feminists like the movement. Faux feminist teachings abound among those that white feminists are fooled into thinking are actual Native elders. Many love obvious imposters like Lynn Andrews, Jamie Samms, Brooke Edwards AKA Medicine Eagle, or Diane Fisher AKA Dhyani Ywahoo. All sell empty, feel good, deliberately false versions of Native beliefs.

Hollywood, on which the greatest amount of attention for Me Too is focused, also loves New Age abusers. George Lucas based his character Obi Wan Kenobi on the fake "Don Juan" from Castaneda books. Several of the Star Trek series spread false versions of Native beliefs taken from New Age falsehoods.

Oprah Winfrey promoted New Age imposters on her show repeatedly. This includes two very deadly frauds. James Arthur Ray caused the death of three people in a phony version of a Native sweatlodge. "John of God," a phony healer in Brazil, was promoted by Winfrey even though there are hundreds of accounts of him molesting or even assaulting women. Many criticized actresses who worked with monsters like Harvey Weinstein. Why has no one who urged Winfrey to run for president looked at her promoting abusers equally bad as Weinstein?

Hollywood does make the occasional token effort on Natives, from Dances With Wolves to The Revenant to having Wes Studi present at the Oscars. When will Hollywood, and America, take Native concerns seriously? That includes no longer embracing the New Age faux spiritual movement, so rife with abuse, and bringing the guilty to account.

Al Carroll is Assistant Professor of US, American Indian, and Latin American History at Northern Virginia Community College, and a former Fulbright Scholar. He has written six books and numerous articles that have appeared in Academia.edu, Articles Base, Beacon, Bristle, Counterpunch, History News Network, Indian Country Today, LA Progressive, Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Truth Out, Wall Street Examiner, World News, and elsewhere.

He is best known (and often vilified by racists) for his work as a human rights and anti-racist activist for New Age Frauds Plastic Shamans. NAFPS is a multiracial multi-faith organization of over 2000 members based at www.newagefraud.org, defending American Indian spiritual traditions from New Age cults, imposters, commercialization, and exploitation for nearly twenty years. NAFPS works with traditional elders and other activists, providing research and resources used by numerous tribal governments, museums, universities, cult survivors, and people of all backgrounds.

homepage: homepage: http://newagefraud.org

STOP with slipping in the race card 13.Mar.2018 14:07


Mr. Carroll, you conveniently left out David Koresh, a white cult leader who was executed by the government and undoubtedly would have served time in prison for child abuse had he lived. As for Dwight York, where he got into real trouble was when he attempted to build an independent Egyptian themed community named Tama-Re and moved children across state line to abuse them. Anytime you try to attempt to disassociate from society and form your own "nation" you get attention, often violent, from the government, David Koresh learned that the hard way.
Baghwan Shree Rajneesh in Oregon, was driven out of Oregon, though there were no allegation of sex abuse, simply because they were living a lifestyle alien to the community and had it's own government, which was frightening to conservative minds and our government. While the Baghwan and his lieutenant Anand Sheela were not white the followers almost virtually all were. Point is the state might let you skate on child abuse but if you challenge state control and authority the hammer will fall, no matter if you're white or any other color.

Paul Robin Denton's victim withdrew her accusation, it's reported by some that he harassed her into it and I suspect there may have been pressure from his supporters also but without a victim the police can't prosecute. Not in any way saying he's innocent, I just don't know, but you still can't compare him with the level or abuse practiced by Dwight York. Neither can you compare him with Harley Reagan, who sounded like a pervert like the others but he didn't abuse 100's of children the way York did, and the supposed sexual assaults appear to be rumor, and as far as I can tell nobody has come forward. If I'm wrong then send a link to more information.

You also omitted that Charles Storm disappeared and went into hiding, he's never been found. If they knew where he was he'd be in prison.

Also, send a link to the Guru Prem Paramahansa story. I've never heard of him and his name doesn't come up in any web searches.

So yeah, stop with slipping in the race card, it happens all the time here on Indymedia and it gets ridiculous, a little research quickly debunked you. There are times when it's OK but certain mentalities think they can wildly fling it around anytime they feel like it. Doesn't help with stopping racism.

Rainbow "tribe" 25.Mar.2018 13:18


I've been to many Rainbow Gatherings over the decades. There are no "leaders". Especially from England. Rainbow gatherings were originally organized by true afficiandos of Native American culture. Sweat lodges were constructed with Native American assistance. It was an era of spiritual transformation and discovery for the millions of boomers just coming of age. The "drugs" you mention consisted mostly of Peyote and Cannabis. I never saw any of the "needles" you mention, and certainly never saw piles of garbage. Rainbow has always prided itself of leaving the sites as pristine as they were before the event. If they had any history of trashing places the government would never have allowed the permits. This rant is so typical of those morons who want to blame the so-called "New Age" movement for the sins of the world. These idiots still think Tim Leary was a CIA agent and that the whole "Hippie" movement was started by the CIA to somehow brainwash us all into hedonism as a lifestyle. These clowns are all over YouTube claiming the Grateful Dead was a spook op!! Throwing every facet of the 60's revolutions all together in a steaming pot of assumptions and disinformation is par for the course with these deluded dopes. It's just part and parcel of this crazy movement to demonize and reject every aspect of cultural rebellion as just another planned out and scripted attempt to confuse the populace. We already know there are tons of New Age hustlers and bullshit artists out there with nothing but $$$ & sex on their agendas. What else is new? But it doesn't change the fact that things like Astrology, psychic phenomena and healing, auras, astral travel and an infinite multidimensional universe are real. Sifting the wheat from the chaff can be taxing, especially in the USA where the focus on the material world is all encompassing. This is just the latest tack of the forces that are out to completely destroy anything that challenges the domination of Church & State in the 21st Century. "Blame it on the witches!" is a tactic as old as mankind when it comes to shifting true culpability from the guilty to the innocent. If the 60's 'psychedelic' era was really manufactured by the Deep State it sure did backfire big time. The war ended and so did Nixon's reign. Hard Rock replaced that 'Doggie in the Window' and all that it meant.