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High tech weaponry used by low minded government thugs

This report references my interactions with other Targets.
Fbi thugs
Fbi thugs
Re:  https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=224014698155533&id=100016410136566

ASSAULTS on Targets:
Thank you, Susan Fortunato. I pray that you are right when you write that you know that "it will not continue forever". I see from my experience with army and fbi that they have no motive to stop; that they have every motive to continue (though modified) the horrible assault program on some Targets. Military & Intelligence can exploit the weaponry to great advantage globally. Civilians can be programmed to fear reprisal and to avoid becoming a "Logan's Run" type Target.
I understand in theory how the dirty game plays out over the next hundred years where public policy law is a universal acceptance of the arbitrary power of government to control the population through DEW/ELF/PSYOPS/etc. After all, in the 200,000 year history of homo sapiens, new weaponry has always been used by groups to subdue others. Human nature has not changed.
No one can "know" that the attacks will stop. Indeed, false hope can lead to severe despair. I do not seek to cause anxiety in my comments which for many of us sends a message to the murderous tyrants that their evil crime spree unprecedented in human affairs invites a courageous backlash.
All the best. God Bless The Targets.

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