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Fbi/cia rule world by torture & mob

To all who suffer under fbi atrocities and to all who permit it:
Fbi,cia torture, etc
Fbi,cia torture, etc
After decades of struggle to stop fbi attacks by their thugs, DEW & ELF weaponry, psyops and blanket surveillance, etc., the message is clear: public policy now supports as sacrosanct all atrocities and unconscionable crimes referenced above and as reported similarly by others.

All other laws are useless against established procedures by administrative agencies of government to engage in torture, mayhem, forced suicide and murder against selected Targets.

Nothing can stop the psychopaths who feed the general population with the gruesome culture they enjoy.


I regret reporting this to all who suffer under these most horrific crimes ever committed by rulers on earth.

The people and their leaders exemplify the decadence of our species.

Even our supreme friend could not stop all such high crimes as he said:

"He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone at her"
( i.e., cast DEW/ELF/Accusation).

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