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Do Germans really want to align themselves with evil?

Germay's migrant crisis has led to a large number of womem being subjected to sexual abuse. However the leader Angela Merkel seems to be a puppet of the EU and UN. My book shows that the latter created an 'evil' ideology on 10 Dec 2008 and contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has determined the West and global freedom for decline.
Do Germans really want to align themselves with 'evil'?

Anthony Ravlich Human rights author, activist, outsider (26yrs)
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.,
Auckland City,
Ph: (0064) (09) 940.9658

It seems obvious what a strong leader would do when a country's culture and way of life is under threat and that is to defend it.

I am talking about the sexual assaults on women in Germany very largely by Muslim migrants.

It would seem obvious to increase the police force and have a zero tolerance towards such crime. And, in my view, a tough approach would respected by the migrants.

But it seems very clear that Angela Merkel is not a strong leader, in fact, she could be described as traitorous in failing to defend the culture.

Angela Merkel certainly appears to be a puppet of the European Union and the United Nations and, in my view, is aligning herself with an 'evil' ideology.

In my recent book I show that on 10 Dec 2008 the United Nations created a new globally dominant ideology which I call neoliberal absolutism. I regard the latter as 'evil' because in my view, based on about 20 years of experience of a form of totalitarianism, people would not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own.

The existence of neoliberal absolutism was never made public by the global mainstream media but my research is verifiable.

I discovered what the UN was doing more by accident than design.

My recent book follows on from my previous where I describe the discussions which led to the creation of neoliberal absolutism over a four year period from 2004 to 2008. The following book is my latest with much greater clarity regarding the consequences of neoliberal absolutism:

The Ebook is free. My book, 'Ethical Human Rights: Freedom's Great Hope' (American Academic Press, 2017). Ebook link provided by my publishers:  https://books.google.com/books... Also, see Anthony Ravlich Google plus.

Neoliberal absolutism resulted in a major rebalance of global ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest. My book shows neoliberal absolutism determines Western civilization and global freedom for decline.

Also, it seems irrefutable that neoliberal absolutism was the real cause of the global financial crisis in 2008 which had its major impact on the European Union.

The new globally dominant ideology promotes totalitarianism, repressive States and political Islam which has seen latter States rise at the UN to virtually control the UN's human rights agenda.

Neoliberal absolutism involves both sets of human rights in the Universal Declaration i.e. civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights. It gives the impression that humanity now has all the human rights in the Universal Declaration but the UN has a 'hidden' collectivist agenda and when coupled with the Universal Declaration created neoliberal absolutism, a draconian totalitarianism which seems well suited for a one world government.

Although given what the UN has hidden from humanity it is very difficult to see how they could ever be trusted to preside over a one world government.

The UN's 'hidden' collectivist agenda involves major violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights while the great majority of States in voting for it violated the UN Charter which requires that they uphold the Universal Declaration.

Because of the UN's gross human rights malpractice I recommend that the West boycotts the UN until it removes its 'hidden' collectivist agenda.

The major opposition to neoliberal absolutism came from America with some support from the American camp at the UN e.g. Britain, Canada, Australia and Japan. It certainly appears Muslim majority countries voted in support of neoliberal absolutism.

Put simply, international human rights law is meant to reflect the Universal Declaration but it is evident that there are a number of human rights omissions (all clearly described in chapter one) related to creativity e.g. individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams, while growth based on creativity was replaced by growth based on exploitation under international law.

In my view, the elimination of creativity cripples populations resulting in backward cultures but also, because of greater top-down control, makes it very hard for populations to hold their leaders to account. It seems obvious that the great majority of State leaderships are using the UN to protect their own interests out of the sight of their populations and voters.

The democratic will of the people would seem the best way to counter the 'evil' that has descended on Germany if Germans choose to protect their culture and way of life.

Often ideology promoted by the whole establishment takes precedence over the democratic will of the people but unlikely if the people are intelligent enough to see that what has descended upon them is 'evil' and vote another political party into power.

phone: phone: (0064) (09) 940.9658
address: address: 10D/15 City Rd., Auckland City.

Goal of UN is to destroy diversity 06.Mar.2018 12:04


One of the most glaring contradictions in diversity ideology is that if we achieve this global melted pot of utopian diversity, where there are no borders or nationalities, where every culture has been mixed and intermingled then true diversity will have been exterminated. We will eventually all meld into the same color, speak the same polyglot language, live the same technocratic lifestyle and individual cultural practices will be fronts for restaurants, consumer goods and organizations that form to "preserve" traditions (but not truly live them). The UN is actively promoting this genocide:  https://refugeesmigrants.un.org/

Germany, and much of Europe now, is an example of what uncontrolled migration brings. A mass flow of 3rd world men to the 1st world. When Merkel announced there would be no restrictions to "refugees" there was a huge influx of men from Africa, Asia and the Muslim world to Europe. Why only young men? Because when restriction and controls are in place they know they won't qualify as conflict refugees (because very few really are despite the fact they all claim to be) and they come from cultures where polygamy is widespread, and more recently, female based abortions, which permeated the 3rd world 20 or so years ago and with the lost of 100's of millions of potential females young men are looking to the West for wives and families. Not to mention, despite the loss of so many females, the population of the 3rd world is still exploding and will double in 50 years, whereas the 1st world populations are stable or even dropping in many cases. The reason why populations are increasing is because young girls are forced into marriages with older men and pressed into being baby making machines until their bodies give out. An issue that is ignored or very much backburner for our glorious SJW community.

Merkel is a pawn, she is performing a service for multi national corporations and governments that want more people for an increased consumer and tax base, expanding infrastructure to support more people and inflation of stock markets and pension plans. I don't think the powers that be realized that so many males would bolt from their countries and leave the women and children behind but they are doing a good job of ignoring that fact and keeping the public in the dark about it, though it's obvious to anybody who pays attention and thinks freely:  https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/01/europe-refugees-migrant-crisis-men-213500

One of the great ironies of our progressive/SJW/radical community in the US is that when they wave signs for immigrant "rights" and call people who question immigration polices "racist", they are actually performing a service for the very entities they claim to be fighting against, namely corporate profit makers and government power and control brokers. When are these people ever going to make environmental, economic justice and women's rights issues the primary and most important items on their agenda?

Social Engineering 27.Mar.2018 17:30


Social engineering gone wrong. governments end up with millions of people living alone. no need to distinguish between m and f. no need to distinguish between y and o. no need to distinguish between c and I. they'll all end up on the s-heap. just tell governments to produce more co2. tell them anything they want to know. you're an anarchist so just laugh at them. so they're going to make things happen to increase their control, control! let them control their brain - let them live in their brain and keep away from them. it's now uncle tom's earth. the earth is enslaved. so now fight against slavery again. soon there'll be law against giving protection to the earth. wasn't there a similar law in Louisiana against protecting runaway slaves? but what happened to those who put that law in place? yes slavery is here again. and you know who the new slave owners are. how were the slave owners defeated? how will the new slave owners be so? answer- in exactly the same way. turn away from the face of the betrayer and toward the face of the betrayed.