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Federal judges corrupted by fbi

The too cozy relationship between fbi agents and federal judges leads to wholesale subversion of law and society.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
Federal judges (including magistrates) are among the most corrupt and vile people in government service. These judges authorize the fbi to torture, maim and kill our people by issuing secret, sealed civil orders in private, ex parte meetings with fbi agents & assassins.
The judges are paid near or above $200,000 per year which is 'a lot' more than I was paid as a combat infantry private defending our country in battle in Vietnam. Yet, these judges tear down the pillars of justice and destroy our country by secretly authorizing fbi to terrorize the people.
Federal judges are also traitors who assist fbi in subversion of law and society routinely. A murderer at the gate is less to fear.
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The judges hide out in marbled hallways of courthouses protected by US Marshals; similarly fbi agents have their dens in well entrenched and guarded buildings across the country. They don't want to hear from their victims. Fbi are also protected at Quantico by the tough boys and girls of US Marines.
These judges and their friends at fbi should be put right out of business; they all should be prosecuted for unconscionable crimes which include torture, mayhem and murder.
Failure of hoodlums in Congress such a John Cornyn to control fbi ultimately destroys the UNITED STATES.
We need to SUPERVISE them.

Thank you.

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