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Fbi stalking & terror assaults on Activists

This report together with my thousands of documentaries proves that fbi, cia are in fact terrorists.
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
GERAL SOSBEE former fbi Special Agent
The following post explains how the fbi uses psychological assaults by 'useful idiots & do gooders'
to drive Targets into a condition of PTSD.
Add to the report below fbi attacks with DEW & ELF and one can realize the terror imposed on the Target everywhere and every minute of his/her existence.
I can personally confirm as a victim of the sick and evil program that the report is true. Thanks to
Barbara Guillette and Midge Mathis
for allowing me to post the report here:


homepage: homepage: http://www.SOSBEEvfbi.com
address: address: USA