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Fbi's fraudulent sting & entrapment program

Political Targets of fbi's fraudulent sting & entrapment program face a virtual living hell.
Fbi thugs
Fbi thugs
This post does not represent legal advice.

Fbi stings are almost always entrapment.
No difference exist between most fbi sting operations and entrapment.
Furthermore, almost always entrapment of the innocent and wrongly accused is presented to court as a sting operation.

Judges and fbi are in collusion on all such government abuses which invariably destroy innocent lives.

Fbi sting operations are among the most fraudulently conceived and corruptly orchestrated of all their activities.

An innocent person is targeted by fbi for any reason, for the opportunity for fbi to make headlines, or for fbi to silence a critic of fbi.

The fbi agent devises elaborate schemes to lure the Target into the commission of a crime that fbi fraudulently claims he would commit anyway.

In other words without the fbi sting or entrapment scheme, the Target would not have committed the alleged offense. He is lured into the danger by choreographed scenarios which employ sophisticated psychological and physical forces against him. His free will is overridden and his mental state is no longer his own.

I have shown how the fbi sends thugs to repeatedly engage in assault and battery on my person in efforts to manufacture a basis for arrest.

The DA, USA, and corrupt federal judges are party to all such entrapment efforts and actually advise fbi of the legal requirements to falsely charge the Target with the crime. Only the fbi and police know how to fit the Target into the sting/entrapment web. The Target has no idea as to the events that are planned to lead to his imprisonment.

The fbi has no limit as to how much time, money and effort that be required to entrap or sting a given Target. Neither is fbi restrained by ethical or moral standards. Often the fbi even uses under age individuals to assist in the manipulation of the free will of the Target.

Soon, the 'gotcha' signal sounds and the fbi uses all government resources to ensure conviction of their innocent Target.

Fbi agents receive bonuses, raises and incentive awards for successful 'stings';
plus the fbi agents are paid around $100,000 per year.

Our prisons are filled with such innocent men and women.


 The fbi are also experts at fraudulently and secretly profiling Targets as sex offenders. The fbi knows that their  false accusations  of a  sex crime irreparably ruins the Target's life. If child molestation is part of fbi's calumny, then all hell awaits the Target everywhere he goes, and fbi celebrates.
He/she is often denied housing and is blacklisted from employment.

Normal relations with
family and friends is permanently destroyed.

 In some cases the fbi seeks and obtains civil commitment orders against the innocent and bewildered Target who is by secret court order subjected to a program of lifetime supervision, during which time the fbi may send under age individuals to bait the Target.

  The above statements represent my personal opinion and are not intended as legal advice.

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