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No One Blames The Gun When Cops Shoot People

Let that sink in.

No One Blames The Gun When Cops Shoot People 19.Feb.2018 19:29

Let that sink in

No One Blames The Gun When Cops Shoot People  Let that sink in.
No One Blames The Gun When Cops Shoot People Let that sink in.

Not true 20.Feb.2018 09:22

Mike Novack

There are in fact people who DO think that the cop always having the gun handy (as opposed to being able to easily get the gun if entering a situation where LIKELY needed) is a large part of the problem.

Dealing with probability correctly is not always intuitive (lots of people buy lottery tickets at atrocious odds).

The fact that cops are ALWAYS carrying their guns is almost certainly resulting in more wrongful shooting deaths than if they were not. This comes about even though the percentage of time a cop uses his or her gun improperly is a low percentage of the time because MOST of the time when cop is dealing with somebody it is not somebody armed with a gun (cop's gun was needed). You won't be convinced of that unless you carry out the probability calculations yourself << Bayesian probability is what you want for this typw of calculation >>

I place the blame on our society for not compensating cops enough, not compensating them for obtaining skills far above the minimum we now consider adequate for being a cop. IMHO cops should be paid "base" PLUS extra based upon each additional skill level achieved -- in other words, extra for having skills in unarmed and stick fighting, extra for domestic counseling, mental health counseling, etc. . And yes, a cop with several of these "extra" qualifications would be getting paid a lot more and would deserve it.

Understand what I am saying? When a cop shoots a person standing there with a knife who refuses the order to "put it down" WHY did this happen? I would say "because the gun was ready to hand and the cop not confident could easily handle that person with his or her stick".

per usual, Mike Novack entirely misses the point 04.Mar.2018 02:32


( is M.N. a troll? No one seems to know... )

whatever, we're all familiar with the myriad reactions to police violence and of course obviously the typical U.S. police officer's use of firearms in those situations.

[QUOTE] : "always having the gun handy"

^ This is not the same as Blaming *THE GUN*.

as in, the current blaming of semi-automatic rifles (aka AR-15s) for the latest school shooting incident.

> ( In the shootings of Black Lives Matter victims, is a semi-automatic pistol the type of police-issue weapon most frequently used in those incidents itself *BLAMED* for the death, and further do BLM / social justice folk advocate TO HAVE THE SEMI-AUTOMATIC PISTOLS PERMANENTLY REMOVED/BANNED from police usage and access?

Answer: No.

see also the rest of Mike's ^ response above .... "the police skills this" .... "the police qualifications that" ... "the police wrongful the other thing".... etc. )

So no, Mike you have here again achievment-unlocked One Hundred Percent FAILURE congratulations.

also, as the Meme above suggests think before you post.

Let that sink in.

Back to the recent school massacre.

Not merely blaming AR-15 rifles, natch
An entire new raft of anti-gun legislation has been put forth in the past couple weeks; all of which will only punish/be enforced upon law-abiding citizens and do nothing (as proven by decades of data including the continued drop in gun deaths and moreover RIFLE-firearm deaths during the 1994-2004 nationwide Assault Weapons Ban) to prevent gun violence events... Three-fourths of which are committed with illegally-obtained and/or non-serialized aka Black Market firearms that are untouched by 'gun laws', which criminals and violent-intent humans won't and will never adhere to.

As to legislation (of any sort) itself
What good is *any* law, if it is not properly enforced? And if the enforcers aka 'The Police' do not adhere to or enforce it whatsoever, let alone adequately?

This crazy kid in Florida had been sending out red flags for years. His school as in top leadership administration of the school, not to mention many of the personnel & teachers was officially on red alert, from administrators (who couldn't get their prescriptive or enforcement acts together) on down, about his potential for real, actual violence: particularly after they had expelled him. Behavior (and psychological) basket-case of a student, disruptive enough to be expelled, with all sorts of potential for real physical violence AND HAD MADE REPEATED, DOCUMENTED VIOLENT THREATS FOR YEARS.

Multiple classmates and acquaintances noted, complained about, reported, and discussed his bizarre and potential-for-violent behavior FOR YEARS.

Local law enforcement (police and sheriff deputys) visited his residence dozens of times, over years, for incidents of threats of violence to neighbors and family members, including those involving actual firearms or mention of firearms aka, the Police and Sheriff's department KNEW, for YEARS, that this troubled/mentally defective kid was around and had access to (along with his school, where he was in a JROTC marksmanship program) firearms.

How much more of a "Known Quantity" does one have to be, prior to 'The Law' (_any_ law...) kicking in?

oh no the "solution" of course is universal ban on a specific firearm which only even plays a part in less than 3 percent of all firearm deaths annually in the U.S.
(and was already decades ago, part of a 1994-2004 ban which did not have any effect on overall gun violence or deaths in the U.S.)

p.s. RE: the Central Michigan University campus shooting 04.Mar.2018 02:55


1) another "gun free zone", CMU campus
2) No AR-15 rifle or bump stock was used
3) shooter is age 19 (must be 21 to buy handguns)
4) shooter is African American (from Chicago area)
5) he was just in the hospital for mental health / drug related issues after contact with police
6) he took stole the legally owned firearm from his father (a cop near Chicago, land of strict gun laws)
7) Police were not there to stop the shooting and their (reasonable and expected) response time allowed him to elude for 15 hours


exactly how would more "gun laws" (or any sort of laws...) have prevented this one?