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Fbi is the fraud of the millennium

This report combines the themes of my papers with fbi statistics to show generally the gross corruption of fbi.
Fbi wax house of horrors
Fbi wax house of horrors
Fbi is the fraud of the millennium


The fbi proudly announces on its popular websites that
A violent crime is committed every 26.3 seconds. A murder every 33.5 minutes, a rape every 4.2 minutes, a robbery every 1.6 minutes, and an aggravated assault every 41.3 seconds. A property crime offense was committed every 3.9 seconds. A burglary offense occurred every 20.0 seconds, a larceny-theft every 5.5 seconds, and a motor vehicle theft every 44.6 seconds.

Now, one must ask how does the fbi justify surveillance of a million innocent persons who are also attacked by scores of fbi operatives and street thugs. On me alone, the fbi in vendetta spent 50 million dollars over 40 year period, using vast human resources to terrorize me with assassins and DEW/ELF.

The fbi and their criminal accomplices in Congress (like John Cornyn) and all federal judges (including SCOTUS) allow crime to flourish so they can all say, "SEE, we told you so" and "SEE, we need more police and fbi agents". Meanwhile, the fbi is busy killing and imprisoning whistleblowers, activists and other Targets who are all * i n n o c e n t.

Fbi are quintessential violent offenders, traitors, thugs, punks and bad girls & boys. They control the regime called USA.



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