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Compost Bin 2017 / 2018 ??

do they exist?
I guess Portland Indy workerbees (understandably...) don't have time for it anymore

bullshit 09.Feb.2018 08:33

dont be guilible

it takes literally no time at all to set up the bin.
it does take time for someone to redirect things there, so it'd be maybe reasonable for it to be empty, for 2018.

yes there's like all of one "bee" doing work these days. but this site is deader trump's toupee so the amount of material to review and edit is negligible.

also keep in mind this is a website with aging code that can't be kept online for more than a couple weeks at a time...and the last time it was "rebooted" was in 2018, so clearly someone does have the time to do something:


[ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory -
[TXT] compost2000.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 5.1K
[TXT] compost2001.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 34K
[TXT] compost2002.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 126K
[TXT] compost2003.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 141K
[TXT] compost2004.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 169K
[TXT] compost2005.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 205K
[TXT] compost2006.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 184K
[TXT] compost2007.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 172K
[TXT] compost2008.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 1.7K
[TXT] compost2009.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 94K
[TXT] compost2010.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 77K
[TXT] compost2011.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 58K
[TXT] compost2012.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 49K
[TXT] compost2013.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 65K
[TXT] compost2014.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 21K
[TXT] compost2015.shtml 05-Feb-2018 13:02 17K
[TXT] compost2016.shtml 08-Feb-2018 20:01 24K
Apache/2.2.22 (Ubuntu) Server at portland.indymedia.org Port 80

of course its also possible that for all of 2017 and the last month there have been NO stories needing to be composted because of the flood of people using this site for local progressive radical anti war anti racist organizing and high quality reporting.....


yeah, we know that's not happening.

aging code.
dead site.
indifferent owner/bee/curator
another day ending in "y"

im curious who pays the bills. because this sure as fuck isn't crowd funded.

" deader than trump's toupee " — I Lol'd. 09.Feb.2018 12:35


Hey could that be, due to the general lack of real Left / labor activism nationwide?

( I mean all that's been going on — anywhere not just PDX — since Nov 2016 is "I hate DT" 'activism' ... Oh and, "anti racist organizing" amounts to Less Than Zero, and has since the rise of BLM/related. 21st century "anti racist organizing" is the utter definition of Absolute Worthless Bullsh**. )

Whenever Portland Indy decides to get back to its AntiCapitalist / anti-globalist roots be sure and let me know —


( this was a Feb 2014 center column PDX IMC feature )
Friday, January 31, 2014
Video: Jan. 31 Inter-Continental Day of Action against the TPP & Corporate Globalization
No more NAFTA— 20 Years is Enough!

This is a call to action for communities throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States to join together on January 31, 2014, and say "ENOUGH!" to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the pending Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other corporate "trade" deals.
vs today ( We _HATE_ Trump! ):
Trump To Sign Executive Order On Plan To Renegotiate NAFTA With Mexico, Canada
( + more references, recent Trump-NAFTA stories linked in comments below ^ article )


lolol 09.Feb.2018 17:25


So "dont be guilible" why do you come to this site or post here
blah blah