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Antifa (US Variant) : Class-Based Struggle?

Please provide evidence that Antifa as its loose conglomerations are configured and operate in the United States

is somehow a class-based activist movement.

Your evidence will contain examples of recent (within the past 5 years) demonstrations and actions that have open, clearly documented ties and solidarity with Labor and worker rights / underclass advocacy groups in the United States.

Meaning: your evidence will contain documentation of the _other_ groups stating, themselves, that they are in 'solidarity' (or similar) with Antifa.

Antifa's own-issued statements/claims "we struggle alongside workers" ARE NOT ADMISSIBLE EVIDENCE, nor are they valid.

Most Groups based on disillusion and disatisfaction 07.Feb.2018 14:32

Tracy Mapes

Anarchy, Anti-fa, Anonymous, Religion, Neighborhood Watch, ISIS, Al Qaeda.

They all seek the disaffected of society that's future somehow fell thru the cracks.

In 2010, I developed the idea of the Red 'X' Society. Instead of basing recruitment upon disaffection, I chose to seek out the effected.

The Red 'X' Society, unlike many of the other groups, is more inclusive in it's nature, meaning that if you can understand the principles of being mistreated, and can paint or print a Red 'X', you too can silently or vocally participate in the destruction of entities that are most destructive to a viable economy for the masses, with or without direct association or command structure.

Think of it like the Better Business Bureau on IRA. You do good business and service for the People, You get rewarded with patronage of your business. On the other hand? You like to fuck People? The Red 'X' Society is there to make sure You get fucked.

Since the destruction of the Early Occupy movement, I've much suspicion that most active Protests in the current climate are government or special interest crisis actors models based on the sole purpose of classification, and identification of the disaffected to selectively target those individuals for economic and physical reprisal.

Most notably the BLM and White Promotionaly based groups.

no responses or comment from Activists? 15.Feb.2018 19:08


Why is this an untouchable topic?

what is the primary motivator for Antifascist action in U.S. today?

seems not to be anti-capitalism... (as it was 15-20 years ago)

What happened to the class warfare aspect?

also, in the 'discussion' section of this article, I viewed the Abby Martin (who I highly admire and is braver than you or I) video posted as the comment titled "In passing" -
yes I'm well aware of the topics covered in this interview regarding protest-suppression, which has been on a legislative/judicial fasttrack since the late Bill Clinto era and especially since 9/11, as most of us are too well aware... (but I also have to say that I was overjoyed that Trump kicked Hillary's fat ass, because right up until the night of Nov. 8th it was predicted by all Media-ElitePolitics/Industry that the opposite would occur)

Abby made a comment mid-interview:
"It's amazing that we see the Democratic Party calling itself the 'Trump Resistance'" ....

^ this imho is one of the root problems, right here; not simply ideological either.

If both parties are 100% in cahoots on the protest-suppression, then what exactly do we have here?

i.e. who exactly is "the resistance".... and even, what/who are we 'resisting'?

( hint: Trump-hate alone isn't nearly enough, adequate or even on target )

p.s. RE: the Abby Martin / Mara Verheyden-Hilliard video interview 15.Feb.2018 19:25


Mara Verheyden-Hilliard did mention and discuss later in the interview that (as I noted ^ above too) these protest-suppression aspects have been around since Battle In Seattle '99, and that Occupy in 2011 under the Obama adminstration was heavily suppressed.

Verheyden-Hilliard additionally mentioned that targeting Trump alone, or assuming that he is somehow 'origin' of all this hateful suppression in past couple years, J20 (alone) etc. is "missing the point".

sure this video interview was a good historical perspective discussion of activist organizing vs. gov't / corporate enforcement suppression in the U.S.

but there isn't much relevance to the topic of this thread, that is:
what is the 2018 status, Ideological and operational basis of Antifa and its (supposed) class-based struggle.