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Ice & Fire used against murderous tyrants

The Targets of fbi thugs defend with both calm and heated resolve to show the world the insane criminal minds of fbi and company.
Life is sufficiently difficult without fbi assassins and assorted perpetrators of crimes assigned to harass and kill us.
Yet the human monsters and their supporters in the general population continue incessantly to engage in horrendous terrorist acts against us, using low minded thugs and high tech torture tools. These miscreants...

...stalk, assault, slander, abuse, threaten, provoke, injure, debilitate, torture by a thousand cuts, attack, murder, and decimate the most truly brave and intelligent individuals among us.

We here know their modus operandi all too well and all of us are saddened that the home of the brave,USA, allows and encourages such atrocities that we document.

Therefore, with cold resolve and heated passion I and many others with indefatigable dedication labor to stop the goons and to show the world exactly the nature of government sociopaths who also bring into their ranks ordinary citizens to pile on against a beaten down Target. The crimes against us represent a hidden global assault on people everywhere.

Thank you to all in our community for your courage and resolve in resistance to murderous tyranny. The insanity of the hoodlums cannot prevail because we are the force of ice and fire against them.


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