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The real history of the fbi

Victims of fbi's own crime spree write the real history of fbi.
Fbi history book
Fbi history book
The real fbi history:



All Targets, living & deceased, are part of the real fbi history book which we are writing today and which exemplifies in our documentaries the fbi's record of torture, mayhem and murder for 100 years. Thank you for your contribution through your suffering and heartbreak.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA

The light of truth 18.Jan.2018 10:00


The light of truth of my reports breaks through and enters into the dark, dingy, decadent offices/dungeons of fbi, doj, cia, USPI, SCOTUS, Congress et al whose morbid marbled entrances cannot obscure their dirty destructive character.

The torture and murder of our people by psychopaths in power are elucidated in my thousands of reports spanning a half century.



Fbi history: