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Fbi tries in Earnest to kill whistleblower GERAL SOSBEE

This report should generate a full fledged congressional investigation of fbi, USPI and Senator John Cornyn.
FOIA document from USPI, December 28, 2017
FOIA document from USPI, December 28, 2017
Yesterday I collapsed half conscious at the McAllen Texas mall, Lubys Cafe at 7:30PM.
The EMS wanted to transport me to hospital, but I declined. Fbi has on several occasions tried to kill me while being hospitalized. Besides, no doctor would accept my reports of attacks by ELF & DEW (See Dr. Holder's fraudulent report at part 20 of My Story at SOSBEE VS fbi.)
Now, evidence of crimes that I gathered on fbi, USPI And Senator John Cornyn outrage fbi assassins who seriously try to cause the AFIB (induced by fbi's ELF attacks) to become a heart attack.
Here is my report (previously published) as presented by my wonderful and Best friend (aside from my cherished wife) BARBARA HARTWELL:

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA

Dear Geral 09.Jan.2018 20:32

Tracy Mapes

Attacks and Reporting attacks is all fine and good, but the important thing is to develop strategies of mitigation.

And this means reducing the effect upon your person, or eliminating the cause, or changing your environment.

First, you must identify the means of attack, and the type of attack.

I have experienced a wide range of attacks, both from aircraft, drone, helicopter, U2. And on the ground, You may find the use of Police Patrol Cars equipped with RADAR, TV Microwave Trucks, on Handheld Models of Microwave, ION, or Audible, and Sub-Audible Microwave, Bonded FM, or Infrared sound devices.

Aerial Assaults can be reduced, but not totally mitigated.

This requires the building of a shelter over your chosen sleeping area, and it has to be built strong, as it will have to support about 500 lbs. of 2" Patio Bricks over your head. An 1/8" to 1/4" piece of Plate Aluminum might be an additional barrier if you can afford one.

Most of your aerial assaults will be of Microwave/Radar, ION (Which is a combination of Alpha, Beta, X-Ray, Gamma Ray).

You need to build the shelter to be between 18" and 24" above your sleeping mattress height, so that you can functionally sleep and not feel too claustrophobic.

During the Build Process, you must leave the sides OPEN, and the reason for this is that while you're blocking a major portion of the Microwave Attack, the residual that makes it past your chosen barrier, must be allowed to dissipate to the sides of your shelter and away from your person.

If You put sides on your shelter, it will act as a Convection Oven, or Kitchen Microwave and you will literally cook yourself to death.


Now, The Brick Shelter is not very effective as a defense against ground RADAR or Microwave. But, during the time that I utilized one, It completely stopped my hair from falling out in clumps in my hand during showering. So< I'm guessing the benefit was very high.


Ground Radar comes in from the sides of your Home. For Ground Radar, Get 12" x 12" Marble Tiles. If You are being attacked by Ground Radar. Hold one of the Tiles Vertically near your Head, until you feel a perceived reduction of Radiation or Microwave Source. Once you have the direction of attack, place tiles only on the Wall of most concern to reduce the effectiveness of the attack.

One Night in 2014, I was attacked from about 6 different directions in a circle facing inward, and I lost approximately 35% of my Visual Acuity. This took about 2 years to recover from.

This is when you have to do the unthinkable, and start stratedigizing some measure of defense. Take out a map book of your neighborhood and start looking for line-of-sight locations that the Radiation could be emanating within 1/4 Mile of your residence.

The Source Area could be a House, Garage, Patrol Car, of TV Live Truck.

Without ruining your paths to safe passage to work, or travel, go to the store, Salt all of the Roadways in the Areas and Direction you suspect with Tack, Short Nails, Etc., especially paying attention to block streets, intersections and culdesacs from traffic being able to miss the dispersion pattern.

Since this is a Life and Death Matter, Your's, the justification that your neighbors are just as guilty as the perpetrators as long as People are allowed to abuse fellow Americans, until such protest exists to eliminate the practice.

Believe me, $100's of Dollars in Tire Damage will reduce the eagerness of People trying to ruin your Life Immediately.


If You are experiencing excessive Subliminal Verbal Harassment, disconnect your Landline Phone Service physically at the Box on the side of your House or Apartment. This should reduce this type of Audio Harassment by about 80%.


These are not perfect measures, but have been effective in the preservation of my life since the attacks I suffered between the end of Oct. 2011 through the End of 2015.


Take Care, Geral

Sincerely, Tracy Mapes

P.S. Always wear Cotton T-Shirts, Under Clothes, and Sheets during sleep.

Shelter - How it Started, How it got bigger by necessity.

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