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2 hrs of pain
The City Council meeting for 1/3/2018 got a little bizarre when we were dealing with the Consent Agenda. We were concerned because a number of the items were giving money to church organizations, and if they were to be voted on under Consent Agenda there would be no discussion. So we did what is allowed under our charter and "Pulled" the items 10,11,12,13, and 14. When a constituent "Pulls" an item or group of items you get to hear staff tell you what the items are about. EX:

Item #14 "Authorize a grant agreement with African Youth and Community Organization in an amount not to exceed $30,000 to support the Standing Together Against Hate project (Ordinance)

I pulled this item because I wanted the Council to stop hiding good work. The people who get this money should get to tell their story to the council and the citizens watching the program on TV. The mayor and Commission Fritz told me, according to the mayor, 4 times, this action today was just a formality and the decision to give the money was made before today. I was "Shocked, shocked I tell ya" that the vote today meant nothing! It is not what the Charter says it is, the authorization under the responsibility of the Council; is a formality. One might notice this is an Ordinance.


I was with Mimi today and she presented wonderful arguments for those who are freezing and dying on our streets. She was, as usual a force to be reckoned with!

Teressa was in the building, making a film for her run for mayor in 2020, it was good to see her.

Dee White was present and sitting in back of me for the two hours I lasted.

I can only do about 1 hr and after that the sulfur starts to get to me. We do need to replace the deceivers with citizen representatives as soon as possible; the five are just terrible representatives, the media are only interested in entertainment and will not cover stories that will not help these misplaced deceivers. My t-shirt said for 2018 I want to be more understanding, that my friends will be most difficult. Come and fight for your rights at city hall on Weds and County on Thurs.


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