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Michigan Censorship at the public university level!

Was investigating the politics of censorship in SW Michigan recently, looking up a scholarly website (www.szasz.com) from both a private computer as well as a public university computer, and found out about some things that even this seasoned user of the internet was quite surprised about!
First I was verifying that another computer besides a private one I was using was blocking my access to a scholarly, albeit controversial website (www.szasz.com). And then I sought to find another site that an artist friend put up a few years back (visionary4depthTV). Well, I contacted the webmaster of the Szasz site and began helping him compile information about how Mozilla and Firefox have apparently been led to believe (?) that they must block this site due to allegations of misleading information, etc.

I took photos with my cell phone if about it if anyone would like some (or all) sent to them. Better yet, perhaps you would like to contact the www.szasz.com webmaster (at www.schaler.net) yourself, and help him stand up? He should have photos I sent him of the warning pages. He says he wants to try to get some awareness out about this situation, since he is paying a webhost and all.

Next I went to see if my friend's youtube site was still "up" and online. Well, was I in for a big surprise! I looked for it first on Youtube, and not finding anything, tried Google. NOTHING found at all!! But when I found the link I had kept in my notes, wa-lah! There IT WAS! Three videos strong, with allegedly only 4 views, but it was STILL THERE!

Check it out yourself:

Granted, at least one video talks about what the guy thinks is Youtube polytricks, in that the counter app (or tool) is not accurate when it comes to dissident voices. In one example, I noted that an activist under concerted vigilante attacks, had her Youtube counter "stuck" on "666"! Others appear to remain in very low numbers, when "that can't be right" (i.e. see  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J92r2PdPySc which is an indy video made with the voice of John Trudell, the late Indigenous depth-darer).

So thought I ought to make a "heads up" to all the indymedia activists about this. I've always felt that the Internet was a "Trojan Horse" when it truly counts. And, certainly, while we have Snowden, et al, to thank about revelations, I'm not sure he mentioned the more covertly insidious ways that Internet commissars use to fool indy activists into believing that "no one cares" about what they have to say! (But then again, I didn't read thru ALL of Snowden, et al's leaks.)

Further info:
Censorship actions taken at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Campus, in the Education Library.

www.schaler.net (contact this guy to assist him in "getting the word out")

As of this time, I would like to remain anonymous.