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USPI, fbi & Senator John Cornyn up to no good

Here is the story that took me years to develop regarding fbi, USPI, SENATOR JOHN CORNYN, etc.
FOIA document from USPI, December 28, 2017
FOIA document from USPI, December 28, 2017
USPI, fbi, SENATOR JOHN CORNYN up to no good

For 30 years the fbi has terrorized me and has for the past several years the fbi has  fraudulently used a US senator and USPI to join in the threats and harassment. In the links below are evidence to support these accusations of crimes committed against me by fbi, USPI, US senator,  et. al. The USPI now withholds his fraudulent  report in violation of FOIA. No one can investigate these crimes because the government itself in all branches and departments are controlled by fbi assassins. 

The attached document from USPI, under FOIA, was released to me on 12/28/17 and shows how the fbi, USPI, and Senator John Cornyn deceitfully concocted  & frudulently entered my name in CORNYN' s office as a suspect in a mail crime involving a powdery substance. Then, USPI came to my home with Texas DPS C. Rodriguez to illegally and unethically threaten me and my wife. USPI KNIPFING knew all along that my name was planted by Cornyn at the crime  scene at Senator's office.

Harassed by Senate, 2008:


Harassment & Threats by USPI , 2013:


The continuing saga of harassment by USPI, SENATOR JOHN CORNYN & fbi, 2017:


My Sworn Affidavits 2007 & 2014 accessible  at:


Fbi is exposed by GERAL SOSBEE:

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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