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Fbi and Senator John Cornyn : A Marriage Made In Hell

Further Evidence is presented below on Collapse of US government facilitated by the likes of Senator John Cornyn.
GERAL SOSBEE,  ex fbi special agentfb, imtel
GERAL SOSBEE, ex fbi special agentfb, imtel
Fbi and US CONGRESS are locked in a secret, unholy and unsafe matrimony.
Note that Senator Cornyn recently tried to position himself as fbi director. He has a cozy relationship with the very hoodlums and assassins who have overthrown the U.S. government by ending separation of powers doctrine.

Cornyn is also active on making new law via PUBLIC POLICY LAW which today entraps thousands of Targets in the targeted community.

Here are a few of my experiences with *'Big Bad John' Cormyn:




Sen. John Cornyn on short list to lead FBI after Comey's firing



Cornyn seeks to give fbi power to restrict gun ownership via background checks. Anyone on fbi target list would be labeled as a mental case and denied the right to own a firearm.

*The powerful John Cornyn represents all that is corrupt in politics.


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