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LAPD Arrests Man In Connection With Kansas 'Swatting' Death

so, the police in Los Angeles half a country away from the department and city where killing actually occurred have arrested one of the "online personalities" responsible for calling in a fake 911 alert to Wichita police, which resulted in death by police execution of a totally innocent and uninvolved American, Andrew Finch.

Meanwhile, the New York Times bastion of establishment propaganda and diversion has asked plaintively, "Who Is To Blame" and calls the blatant execution of an innocent U.S. citizen a purported "quandary".
( Reality: the police officer's role and responsibility in the outright execution of an innocent man couldn't be more clear as demonstrated by video of the actual incident. )

Obviously the online 'Call of Duty' gameplayers responsible for this tragedy should spend the rest of their lives in prison (if not more severe punishment/restitution).

But the police officer who pulled the trigger, and executed a 100% innocent human being? When does the police officer and police department's action become accountable, here and elsewhere?
see also, comments below this recent Newswire article (Mesa, Arizona hotel execution of innocent man by police) :


Fatal 'Swatting' Episode in Kansas Raises Quandary: Who Is to Blame?

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