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Violations of FOIA, and other crimes by fbi, USPI, and a US Senator

After years of my unsuccessful efforts to prove postal crimes against me, the USPI and fbi commit a few more.
Update on FOIA and Crimes by fbi, USPI And Senator Cornyn:

Inspector ,

Thank you for all of your help yesterday, and for the assistance of the other Inspectors there.

The data below is submitted for your information and I will mail the report below to USPI, Washington, D.C. next week.

December 30, 2017

Honorable Vicente Gonzalez

113 Cannon Building

Washington D.C. 20515

Megan Brennan, Postmaster General &

Office of the Chief Postal Inspector (Room 3521)

475 L'Enfant Plaza SW
Washington, D.C. 20260-0004


Office of Counsel letter to me, dated 11-30-17; Congressman Gonzalez letter to me, dated 8-31-17

This letter is in three (3) parts which are all interrelated.

Part One:

On 12-28-17 , as I awaited a response to my FOIA request, a postal package arrived in my P.O. Box 3834, addressed to me from the USPI, but the contents belonged to a different party. I immediately returned the mail to the supervisor of the US Post Office, McAllen, Texas, one Mr. Rene Contreras. I requested that he please return the mail to USPI.

Later, I realized that, as I have previously documented extensively with USPI, the fbi interfered and tampered with the mail sent to me by the USPI. See  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part4-increasedp.html


I discovered that the fbi or an employee of the USPS intercepted the mail from USPI, removed the address label, left my mail on the floor unattended and pasted my address label (which was removed from the original package to me from USPI) onto another tubular container belonging to a different party and was then placed in my U S Postal mail box 3834, McAllen, Texas 78502 (USPS Tracking # 9114 9999 4431 4027 1614 51).

The USPI here in good faith and in an efficient and polite manner investigated the postal offense and indicated that the error was an honest mistake whereby my address label fell off and was inadvertently pasted onto another envelope by mistake. I point out here that such a conclusion is erroneous and that the fbi regularly engages in crimes which appear to have a simple explanation (see my reports on "gaslighting").

So, in spite of the fine and honest employees of USPI here in McAllen, Texas, the postal crimes by the fbi against me continue now for about 30 years and are erroneously attributed to simple error.

I request a full investigation of this crime.

Part Two

The documents delivered to me by USPI referenced above are not responsive and are in continued violation of FOIA. The only reference to GERAL SOSBEE in the 200 pages reflects a notation of Senator Cornyn's Office and this data:  Gsosbee@gmail.com, sosbeevfbi.com.

I request that all of USPI Knipfing's data on me be turned over to me. He came into my home with his friend C. Rodriguez (Texas DPS) to threaten me and my wife on behalf of the fbi. He also is aware after 1 and 1/2 hours interview that many postal crimes were committed against me by the fbi and that the USPI refused to investigate. USPI Knipfing sent me a bunch of copies of envelopes which are trash and which do not contain any data on why he started investigating me.

Part Three

The above referenced data on Senator Cornyn reflects a more ominous probability for USPI Knipfing's harassment of me. Senator Cornyn refused to assist me in stopping fbi from torturing and trying to kill me. When, Senator Cornyn began harassing me I documented his sorry response to my pleas for help. See  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/hatemail-partele.html

Then, the office of Senator Cornyn turned my name over to the USPI as a suspect in the postal crime (powdery substance) for the sole purpose to harass me.

The fbi holds all parties in this charade in contempt because no one can investigate the thugs and assassins of fbi, except the fbi.

I request a congressional investigation into Senator Cornyn's dirty office and his own violation of public integrity. He should be removed from office.

As of this moment, the fbi continues and increases the sleep deprivation attacks on me via ELF and DEW ( extremely low frequency soundwave and directed energy weaponry). I am forced by ELF to stay up all night every night and the next day I exit the bed at around 3 or 4 pm every day. These attacks have also cause heart disease in me.

Thank you kindly and Respectfully Submitted.


Texas State Bar # 18855625

P.O. Box 3834

McAllen, Texas 78502



homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
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