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The Youngest Victim Of A Police Shooting In 2017

A cop in TX (of course) has recently blown away a six year old child. The little boy has been identified as Kameron Prescott. He is possibly the youngest victim to have been killed by American police in 2017. Welcome to Trump's America... same as the old.
Prescott's death occurred on Thursday December 21st 2017 in Schertz, a suburb of San Antonio. The pig responsible for the young boy's "accidental" murder has been identified as Javier Salazar, a sheriff's deputy for Bexar County, TX. Salazar and fellow deputies were pursuing a robbery suspect identified as 30 year old Amanda Jones. According to reports, police had sought Jones for suspicion of auto theft and other offenses, before eventually confronting her on the porch of some random trailer home she had allegedly tried to force her way into. Prescott was inside at the time, though responding deputies just as well assumed there was no one inside the home at the time. Jones - a possible meth addict - allegedly pointed a metal pipe at cops, claiming she would shoot them. That's when Salazar emptied his service glock, killing Jones in a hail of bullets. One of the stray bullets entered the home, striking Prescott in the abdomen. He died on the scene. No other weapon was recovered.

A compulsory investigation is underway, but it likely won't make a damned bit of difference. An innocent little boy is dead, days before Christmas. Another family is destroyed and no one will pay for it. All because some tweaker maybe stole a car.

Tasers are supposed to serve as "less-than-lethal" alternatives, meant to gain control over combative suspects without having to murder them out right. But cops never use them in such ways. Instead, tasers are commonly used as cattle prods on [already compliant] suspects who, maybe, aren't following orders fast enough. And everyone else is either gunned down, or choked out, or beaten to death, limbs broken, mauled by k9's, or horrifically maimed in some other way. Deputy Salazar is at best, a gravely incompetent fool, at worst, a sociopathic monster. Because what else can explain a cop who fires widely in a residential area, on the porch of someone's home, on a female robbery suspect holding a pipe (which he knew anyways, since pipes don't look anything like guns. Not even at night)?! Deputy Salazar undoubtedly went on to enjoy [his] Christmas, as well as his paid time off, knowing he murdered an innocent little boy. He likely has lost no sleep over the carnage he's responsible for.

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