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Fbi increases ELF ASSAULTS

The fbi increases the intensity and duration of Elf assaults causing extreme sleep deprivation.
ELF, Extremely Low Frequency sound waves assaults
ELF, Extremely Low Frequency sound waves assaults
ELF ASSAULTS are extremely low frequency Soundwave attacks causing sleep deprivation.

Fbi is keeping me awake all night every night and the next day I stay in bed trying to sleep until 3 or 4 pm.

This pattern of increasing  ELF assault is also affecting my heart condition .

If the fbi continues to extend their sleep deprivation 24/7 with no allowance for sleep, then my situation is hopeless and a heart attack is inevitable. 

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA

Dear Geral 29.Dec.2017 12:08

Tracy Mapes

No, this is not some secret agent trying to dissuade you, it's me, Tracy Mapes.

The source of the sound may not be controllable.

If you are being assaulted by ground radar such as a Police Vehicle with Radar, or a TV Live Truck with Microwaves?

There may be some options. even though I know you a a straight arrow and would not care to violate the law.

But? ...If you want to Protect Yourself? ...You must do the necessary.


If you do a little surveillance by bicycle during the attacks, you may find a Police Cruiser skulking around on an adjacent street to your location.

Here's what I did. Salt the corners around the location with short tacks and nails, especially intersections, corners and keep the directions of travel in mind, so they can get in, but they can't get out.

My experiment must have been successful, because the very next day, on a Sunday even, there was a Patrol Car running up and down the street announcing on his loud speaker that "We know who you are!" and "We have you on Video Tape!"

Though, I never heard about it again.

You would be surprised how fast $300-$500 Dollars of tire replacement will change a person's attitude and behavior.


Assaults by DEW's, Microwave are no Joke. I've lost 35% Percent of my vision, that took 2 years to recover, been assaulted by Military Grade Aircraft, and a TV Van.

The Police Cars are short range, 1/4 mile. TV Live Trucks can hit a target up to 100 miles by line of sight.

The best option is to live in an area that is cut into the Ground, with hills, anything that eliminates line of sight attack.

The Microwaves kill you by killing Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, and Cellular Cell structures of any living tissue. These dead cells then coagulate in lower regions of the body during sleep, and can cause clotting of Feet Circulation, Heart Palpitations, May mimic Diabetes resulting in Toe Amputations, Brain Aneurysms, Blood Clots, etc.

And when you die, there is no sign of foul play because everything that appears to be normal Biological material, with no sign of toxins.

My sister died from this in 2015. I nearly did in 2015. And my last Direct Energy Weapon attack occurred Dec. 31st 2015.

I still have to put up with a High Pitched Wine daily, and 24/7 Sleep Deprivation via subliminal communication Harassment which has been occurring since Oct. 31st of 2011, as documented on Portland Indymedia.

Take Care Geral, I know you have given this Country great service in trying to accurately relay your story of the egregious criminal nature of the times we now live in. This is Supposed to Be America, Our People are Supposed to be better than this.

-Tracy Mapes

EMF Attack and Shelter Information.

Dear Geral 29.Dec.2017 13:44

Mike Novack

You are not alone.

A friend of ours is also being persecuted by the FBI. In her case, not electronic but agents keeping her under surveilance. Many of these disguised as street people so she sees them watching her wherever she goes, and of course she can't tell the agents from the real street people.

Also other agents keeping tabs on her, some of whom she says are nice, like me and my wife.

I know how crazy this sounds, but this shit is real. 29.Dec.2017 20:27

Jody Paulson

I have been targeted for years.