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Fib is the real Christmas Grinch

Here is the fbi at Christmas time, spreading terror and death.
Fbi is very busy this holiday season in efforts to aggravate heart disease caused by DEW/ELF. Fbi increases sleep deprivation resulting in extreme stress, heart palpitations and related symptoms. Fbi repeatedly assaults me on the streets, highways and public shopping areas. Fbi Special Agents & operatives frequently come up to assault me from behind. Fbi hoodlums repeatedly make u turns in my face both on foot and in vehicles as though to physically attack me; many such maneuvers occur on church grounds at night at San Juan Basilica.

They also tried to smother me to death while I lay unconscious in the hospital following surgery for a service connected injury.

Sometimes the little fools slightly bump my rear fender, or abruptly back up to startle me, or grab me from behind. These are the cowards who lead law enforcement in USA.
The agents are paid $100,000 per year. Their operatives and contract employees make 30-60 k per annum

Be advised therefore that USA is defined by fbi human monsters.

My work is causing the fbi agents and operatives to dramatically act out on their evil and perverted impulses.

Federal Magistrate Judges authorize all crimes by fbi against me.

Thank you.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA