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Federal Magistrate Judges & fbi are often criminals

This report represents a criminal indictment of all federal magistrate judges in USA.
Federal Magistrate judges
Federal Magistrate judges
I wish that I could respond to all contacts, especially those which indicate that People have questions for me, etc. I am under extreme DEW & psyops assaults which cause heart disease and other problems.

I do all I can at present and the remedy for the criminally insane fbi and company who are torturing and killing us in quantum moves is yet to be discovered. Bl;ess you. geral

PS: In my closing remarks at
I associate federal magistrate judges (fmj) with street thugs, hoodlums & assassins. These fmj authorize most or all murders and debilitating attacks on us, as though such fmj are collectively God. I met a scoundrel fmj in Brownsville, Texas and as an attorney in their corrupt courts I have discovered that fbi, in ex parte meetings, use fmj everywhere as operatives in many assaults on our people.

This illegal use and abuse of fmj by fbi undermines all laws and thereby fraudulently makes all attacks on us as technically legal.

The imprimatur of fmj on fbi' s secret process (civil & criminal) against Targets has destroyed our rights and our society.

Vigilantes are on a 'tear', and fbi punks and assassins are confident that they can't be stopped.

Thank you.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA