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Cop Murders Man Begging For His Life (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

So, this evil act of police terrorist murder actually happened on January 18th 2016. It has seemingly received very little national coverage. Regarding the reason/s for that, it has been speculated that because the victim and cops involved were all White, an obvious racial element was lacking and just was not perceived as controversial or "juicy" enough. However, I call bs on that theory. Of course, many victims of police violence are White. And some of their cases have received a great deal of deserved coverage. However, this one from Mesa, AZ hardly got any of it. And that's a damned shame, because it's definitely one of the [more] horrific acts of state-police terror and murder to have occurred in recent years.
On January 18th 2016, Daniel Leetin Shaver was ruthlessly gunned down by a Mesa, AZ pig. Shaver was shot 5 times in the hallway of a La Quinta Inn, where he was staying on a business trip. He died while on his knees, sobbing and begging for his life. He was wearing a tee shirt, loose gym shorts, and nothing else. He was barefoot, unarmed, and posed zero threat to the six Mesa pigs who had responded to a [false] 911 call of a "a man pointing a gun out of one of the hotel windows". He was 26 years old and completely innocent. Shaver, a resident of Granbury, TX, had been a pest control worker who was on a business-related trip in Mesa at that time. Shaver reportedly had two pellet rifles kept in black cases, which he'd use to shoot wayward birds inside stores and other businesses. This was part of his job function. On the night of his death, Shaver, off-duty, had meet two acquaintances in the inn where they were all staying. He invited the two, a man and woman, to his room for drinks. Later when one of his guests asked about the cases, Shaver showed him the pellet guns, explaining how he'd use them for work. Apparently, Shaver just happened to have been standing in front of his room window when his was showing off the guns. Another guest reportedly saw this from the outside, and called 911 claiming that "a man at the inn was pointing a gun from his window". This exact detail has never been verified, and now, never will be. The habitual cop-caller (an accessory to murder) has never been identified.

His killer is former officer Philip Mitchell Brailsford, who was a gang member of the Mesa Police Gestapo (MPG). In early March 2016, Brailsford was charged with second degree murder. Instead of continuing his paid vacation, Brailsford would be sacked by the Mesa Police regime later that same month. The regime cited unsatisfactory performance and several policy violations. One of those policy violations was Brailsford defacing the service AR-15 he had used to shoot Shaver, by having the words "YOU'RE FUCKED" etched onto the rifle dust cover. As if he were an edgy teenage boy who plays Call of Duty. This alone is evidence that Brailsford, now 27, was an unmitigated psychopath, unfit for his job. Despite this, the crucial detail was not allowed to be heard by the jury during his trial. On Thursday December 7th 2017, Brailsford was acquitted of the murder of Daniel Shaver. Once again, another filthy sub-human pig gets away with murder. His lost his job, but that's it!

Shortly afterwards, police body cam footage of Shaver's death was released. The jury and parties involved in the case (including Shaver's widow) had all watched it, but the video was kept from public view until after Brailsford got off. Because that's how these sneaky bastards operate. In a meantime, a wrongful death suit filed by Shaver's bereaved parents is currently pending. The suit was filed in January 2017 (almost a year after their son's murder) and names the city of Mesa and the Mesa Police Terrorist regime as defendants. In addition, a $75 million wrongful death suit filed by Shaver's widow is also grinding its way through AZ's court system. Even if she win's every penny, it is still but a penance for the tragic loss of her husband, as well as two young children robbed of a father.

One other thing. If you've managed to watch the horrific snuff video of Shaver's blunt execution in a La Quinta Inn hallway, sorry for the nightmares. But also, the pig you heard barking contradictory orders at Shaver was not Brailsford. That would be fellow micropenis/cop psychopath Sgt. Charles Langley, the senior commanding officer on the scene that night. Langley was allowed to quietly retire from the Mesa police regime several months after his deadly game of Simon Says with an innocent man. To this day, Langley has never faced criminal charges, even though he is a direct accessory to Shaver's murder. A petition to have this cowardly piece-of-shit brought to justice is currently underway.

homepage: homepage: http://officerdowntp.blogspot.com/2017/12/cop-murders-man-begging-for-his-life.html

Wow, 'OD' picks a white guy to white knight for 21.Dec.2017 13:31


even a broken clock is right twice a day...

but seriously, 'OD' on the topic of this post, the January 2016 Mesa, AZ La Quinta inn outright execution:

good job on recognizing it.

The event has been much discussed on non-Left (yes, droves of THOSE folks are indeed using OD's provocative "filthy sub-human pig gets away with murder" language to describe and react to it; some of whom reacted identically to the Philando Castile murder... BTW and to be clear, there are many in right-leaning circles hugely skeptical of the 'Thin Blue Line') areas of the internet and caused much consternation among anyone no matter their ethnic origins or inherent bias possessing even a tiny molecule of 'libertarian' thinking in their brain.

It is still possible that a massive lawsuit from the surviving family of the deceased may ? bankrupt the Mesa Police Department. This would be the only redeeming feature of 'justice' to be served in such a parody of 'civilization' as played out here. No matter, the cop who fired (and moreover, the insane paranoid control freak Commander cop loudly shouting orders on the video who now, conveniently, lives outside of the U.S.) will live with this cold blooded murder for the rest of their lives.

"[Sgt. Charles] Langley was allowed to quietly retire from the Mesa police regime several months after his deadly game of Simon Says with an innocent man."

See ^^ above. Murderous coward Langley "retired" from Mesa PD four months after this state-sponsored execution and reportedly has moved to the Philippines i.e. out of the U.S. entirely.

as also noted above, after making public the Cop-Cam video this incident has received fairly wide publicity not just among right-leaning circles but also in mainstream corporate media more generally, with somewhat extensive discussion and analysis (after all, how can any thinking breathing and feeling human being watch the actual video and not at least discuss or respond to its vastly disturbing content).

Addendum to ^ above RE: actual interactions w/ police, henceforth 21.Dec.2017 13:51


as mentioned, there's been much fruitful and productive discussion of this event among right-leaning folks after the Cop-Cam video has been made public.

In addition to making many of the libertarianesque 'fence-sitters' on the Thin Blue Line (who might typically, previous to Mesa PD 2016 Execution, have a tendency to "side with Blue" in a Cop execution-shooting involving let's say a Trayvon Martin brotherman victim) lean more towards skepticism of the police story,

the shooting has also severely damaged a large part of the right wing's "faith" in calling local police officers for any reason whatsoever.

That's correct, after the absolute trainwreck of this anonymous-call incident and subsequent execution of an American at a cheap Arizona hotel, there are many 'average Joes' / 'typical white boys' who will now hesitate not only to call the police, ever, for any reason (even a death, fire, life threatening injury etc.)

but they will also if for whatever conceivable reason _stopped_ by police at gunpoint cease to respond verbally or make bodily movement. Many people have openly discussed that if a police officer has a gun sighted on them, they will simply lie flat on ground, arms+legs outstretched and (perhaps / if even possible) make a single verbal statement along the lines of: " please come over and cuff/restrain me, officer " or something to similar effect.

i.e. No one is going to even bother TAKING THE DEADLY RISK **to follow police officer commands** if confronted and held at gunpoint. They'll rather simply prostrate themselves 100% and then wait for the officers to do as they please.

Not after the two Psychos who worked for Mesa PD and blatantly executed an innocent man for no reason whatsoever (not even violent intent).