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Power of One targeted for torture, death

Anyone targeted for torture, imprisonment and death by sleazy government assassins, stalkers and vigilantes has something to say in the matter:
Power and Force of At Least One Dedicated & Unstoppable Target Over Thousands of Sleazy Torturers & Assassins

Geral Sosbee, FORMER FBI AGENT WHISTLE BLOWER  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com

The universal human predicament : unstoppable force vs immovable object:

The unstoppable force is comprised of the indomitable human spirit/all that is holy & graceful in the universe; truth and heart,mind and soul of all who serve mankind for the good and for the improvement of our species.

The immovable object is the collection of the following: the war machine and all its parts, including tanks, drones, nuclear weapons, military industrial complex, DEW (and all space based weaponry) chemical/biological/viral agents deployed against humans, programmed minds of 'true believers' in and advocates for war & conflict anywhere (such as all who serve as presidents, in congress and in the courts in USA) , hate mongers, the greedy who seek to exploit and cheat others (such as we see on Wall Street), and any person who supports the evil that is the above described immovable object.



l My goal is to remove the immovable object, to serve the unstoppable force and in my time share with all who suffer under the global killing apparatus of USA & allies.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA