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Fbi/cia Overthrow government of USA

Evidence abounds of coup in USA by thugs and assassins of fbi/cia.
Fbi leads coup of USA
Fbi leads coup of USA

As I have documented the fbi and cia overthrow government of USA:





Jesse Watters...In a rant filled with misleading statements about the FBI and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, Watters accused members of law enforcement of carrying out a "coup" against the Trump administration.

"So the investigation into Donald Trump's campaign has been crooked from the jump," Watters said.
"But the scary part is we may now have proof the investigation was weaponized to destroy his presidency for partisan political purposes and to disenfranchise millions of American voters.
Now, if that's true, we have a coup on our hands in America."

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
address: address: USA

let's 20.Dec.2017 14:48


Let's hope so

please ..we know all this by heart 21.Dec.2017 09:13


I agree w/ rAT

Please start your own blog or website

Every other post on this site is yours ..we all know your story and all the information,

But to read it every day is akin to harassment