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Fbi's dirty torture program

One must accept the reality of fbi as criminally insane, or believe in the tooth fairy for deliverance from torture.
I   e x p o s e   Fbi thugs
I e x p o s e Fbi thugs
From my personal & professional experience I find that

1) all appeals to Congress and the judiciary for assistance in stopping assaults by DEW/ELF/STALKING/PSYOPS and related inhumane attacks on people fail ;

2) direct pleas to fbi and their associates to show mercy and to stop their torture program are equivalent to asking the devil himself to come over to the side of angels;

3) statements by some Targets who seek to sell equipment to block DEW and ELF, or who otherwise solicit contributions for resolution of the issues are lies and frauds;

4) the hopes that the community of Targeted Individuals can gain political support for their efforts for relief are illusory.

All of the best efforts and most sincere prayers of victims of fbi and company torture, imprisonment & murder programs (including forced suicide) are hopeless.

I prefer to accept the reality of the criminal insanity that envelopes us, than to believe that viable hope springs eternal in our battle for liberty from murderous oppression.

Only in this perspective do I ceaselessly & eternally condemn the human, sadistic monsters of USA and its international friends for crimes against humanity that I and others document.

All of these evil beasts are unworthy to call themselves human beings and all are hereby recorded as the enemy of mankind. I do not beg such fiends for anything. I spit in their sorry faces, while I anguish and cry for their victims.

Thank you.

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