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The Good and Bad News For Many Of Us

History records the evil deeds of men and women in opposition to political adversaries.
First the good news: We under attack by the enemy of mankind (i.e. fbi stalkers, torturers & assassins) discover the beauty of life and the universe with an intensity generally unseen and not appreciated by most people.

For in our pain we experience the anguish of all human beings who ever lived under similarly murderous and oppressive tyrants throughout history.

We are forever connected with them. Their dreams and insights are ours. Their suffering at the hands of diabolical people is familiar to us. Religious martyrs live in our conscience because we are struck with a sampling of their passion/suffering.

All such victims of pure evil men are our kin, our brethren and are a part of our shared humanity, as we too will be similarly remembered for our lives in resistance to inhumanity on earth. So, we are truly alive in body, mind and heart, even while the soulless murderers are killing us.

The bad news is that no realistic hope exists for peace on earth and good will toward men because the killers in government service (fbi/cia/gens d'armes)make sure to wage wars, cause conflicts and engage in evil deeds everywhere. Their job is to prevent, not encourage, tranquility and calm in the hearts of men & women.
Thank you.

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