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SoCal Fires- The New 911

fishier that a can of Star-Kist
So yeah- the Socal fires appear to be behaving exactly like the Northern Cal fires in Santa Rosa and it's environs. Houses and cars burning from the INSIDE OUT as if a microwave beam hit them and caused a sudden massive heat event that just devoured structures in seconds, leaving behind melted steel and glass. That had to be temps of at least 2500 degrees. Huge burn spots in the middle of streets where the asphalt is all melted but not a thing was ever there to ignite in the first place. Dr, Doom and his Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) may be at work here again. Even trees are burning from the inside out. Just like a microwave oven, metals are superheated to insane temps while stuff like paper remains untouched. The Air Force has already admitted it has lasers of over a TRILLION WATTS! They are mounted on planes and drones and probably satellites. They can knock airborne planes and drones right out of the sky with these things. They can disable vehicles on the ground also. They brag about their new "pulse" weapons that can wreck North Korea's computer networks thus annihilating much of it's nuclear capabilities. We did something similar over Baghdad seconds before the 1st Gulf War began. Why would they do this? California is on the right wing shit list, but are the Trumpoids and their masters that desperate to implement Agenda 21 overnight? Maybe. Just maybe. What's scary today is that you cannot find any real live coverage of the fires on the internet anymore. There's one site that shows nothing but smoke below shot from a news chopper. It has a horrible buzzing and no vocal coverage at all. KTLA, one of L.A.'s biggest TV news stations had coverage but they stopped it all on line as of today. So if you only have the web to get your first hand info, the local TV outlets are absolutely no help whatsoever. Is this deliberate and designed to sow even more confusion and panic among people? You have over a quarter of a million evacuated and they all have smart phones. (this IS L.A.) But there's no real time reporting on this tragedy to tune in to. You gotta wonder. Santa Ana winds have an average speed of 40 mph. What's up with these 80 and 100 mph hurrican force winds? Laser weapons actually do cause weather changes also. The laser forms a plasma with surrounding air which acts as a tunnel for the electrical charge to travel down and fry it's target. Winds are a side effect of DEW use as the air heats up from the laser's molecular interaction with it. Tornadoes of flame are visible in many of these videos of the SoCal blazes. And all the chat rooms and Youtube comments are just chock full of comments about DEW and Santa Rosa and the GOP's last ditch efforts to literally destroy their biggest political enemies: the people of the state of California. This may be why there is no longer any live coverage of the fires on the internet. Check it out for yourself. The NWO/Trump cartel is cornered like a wild Hyena- you can't be surprised they're not going down easy.

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