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SoCal Fires- The New 911

fishier that a can of Star-Kist
So yeah- the Socal fires appear to be behaving exactly like the Northern Cal fires in Santa Rosa and it's environs. Houses and cars burning from the INSIDE OUT as if a microwave beam hit them and caused a sudden massive heat event that just devoured structures in seconds, leaving behind melted steel and glass. That had to be temps of at least 2500 degrees. Huge burn spots in the middle of streets where the asphalt is all melted but not a thing was ever there to ignite in the first place. Dr, Doom and his Direct Energy Weapons (DEW) may be at work here again. Even trees are burning from the inside out. Just like a microwave oven, metals are superheated to insane temps while stuff like paper remains untouched. The Air Force has already admitted it has lasers of over a TRILLION WATTS! They are mounted on planes and drones and probably satellites. They can knock airborne planes and drones right out of the sky with these things. They can disable vehicles on the ground also. They brag about their new "pulse" weapons that can wreck North Korea's computer networks thus annihilating much of it's nuclear capabilities. We did something similar over Baghdad seconds before the 1st Gulf War began. Why would they do this? California is on the right wing shit list, but are the Trumpoids and their masters that desperate to implement Agenda 21 overnight? Maybe. Just maybe. What's scary today is that you cannot find any real live coverage of the fires on the internet anymore. There's one site that shows nothing but smoke below shot from a news chopper. It has a horrible buzzing and no vocal coverage at all. KTLA, one of L.A.'s biggest TV news stations had coverage but they stopped it all on line as of today. So if you only have the web to get your first hand info, the local TV outlets are absolutely no help whatsoever. Is this deliberate and designed to sow even more confusion and panic among people? You have over a quarter of a million evacuated and they all have smart phones. (this IS L.A.) But there's no real time reporting on this tragedy to tune in to. You gotta wonder. Santa Ana winds have an average speed of 40 mph. What's up with these 80 and 100 mph hurrican force winds? Laser weapons actually do cause weather changes also. The laser forms a plasma with surrounding air which acts as a tunnel for the electrical charge to travel down and fry it's target. Winds are a side effect of DEW use as the air heats up from the laser's molecular interaction with it. Tornadoes of flame are visible in many of these videos of the SoCal blazes. And all the chat rooms and Youtube comments are just chock full of comments about DEW and Santa Rosa and the GOP's last ditch efforts to literally destroy their biggest political enemies: the people of the state of California. This may be why there is no longer any live coverage of the fires on the internet. Check it out for yourself. The NWO/Trump cartel is cornered like a wild Hyena- you can't be surprised they're not going down easy.

Cant Language 09.Dec.2017 01:51

Red X Society news1st@hotmail.com

Cross Reference Fire Names with Dictionary.

The First Responder to any given Fire establishes the Command and Name of the Fire.

The Cant Language is used by Government Officials and Media, PIO's, Police and Military to communicate on Broadcast Television and in "Quote" marks in print Media.

You need a copy of the Dictionary for interpretation. The Webster's Collegiate Paperback is a good choice.
Here is an Online Print Version available for free download. 213mb  https://app.box.com/s/xc0krrj1idvwbiyn8d3l

Watch Media Speaker, Anchor, Reporter, or Interview Subject for Word Inflection, Facial, Head, Eye, and Hand Gestures for instructions on how to treat the "Keyword". I.E. up, down, across page, page turns, how many words up and down, how many page turns in or out. Direction in most cases is toward the "Keyword" by Media Personnel, but as a novice, look both directions for Most Relevant Content to the Subject Matter or Story at hand.

If my best guess-timation is correct, these are Red 'X' Related Fires that Persons have taken it upon themselves to lash back at Society for public corruption. I am not recommending that as a course of Action at this time.

Current Active Fire Names

Rye Fire - Dictionary Ref: rung, run-in, rush hour, ruthless, rye (Catcher in, the Rye).

Creek Fire - Dictionary Ref: create, creation, creed, creek, crescent wrench (throw a wrench in the works), crier: one who shouts announcements and news, and the word, crime.

Thomas Fire - Dictionary Ref: third, third class, thole-(Tee Ho LE) thong, thread, throat. Secondary Reference Thomas Jefferson, State of Jefferson XX.

Lilac Fire - Dictionary Ref: lift, liftoff, lighting, liking, lilac, limit, limited, limn.

Liberty Fire - Dictionary Ref: Levi's, Levit town, levy, lewd,lexicography,lexicon, liberty, lie, lifeboat, lifeform, lifeguard, life insurance, life jacket.

Santa Paula Fire - Dictionary Ref: Lived at Santa Paula Court in 2009, after Shooting News Story at Santa Paula Court in 1997. Going to Court in Santa Clara January 25, 2018 for over flight of Levi Stadium 11-26-2017 with drone dropped leaflets Warning of Media Subjugation and Corruption.

President Trump - Ref. to California Fires: Keyword: In Recognition. (Means One Page Turn In, Recognition) (With 2 Down, Word Gesture) - reaction, real estate, reason, recant, reactionary, realism, re-cap, recapitulate, reactivate, reality, reasonable, reactor, real life, really, read, realm, realtor, rebel, rebellion.

Similar Fires broke out 1 Week after Red 'X' Society dropped leaflets over Fire Fighters Memorial earlier this year in Northern California.
Youtube Leaflet Drop - Red 'X' Society prior to Northern California Fires.

Santa Clara Incident

Northern California Fires - Facebook


California Fires possibly related to Red 'X' Society Leaflet Bombing at California State Capitol Park.
by Tracy Mapes
October 12, 2017

SACRAMENTO,California--The week before extensive fires erupted in both Northern and Southern California may be related to a September 30th Informational Leaflet drop by a drone over the the State of California's Capitol Park during the Firefighter's Memorial honoring the lives of 31 Fallen Firefighters statewide.

The leaflets warned of the surreptitious take over of Media and Local Government positions over the last 20-30 years by the infiltration of Prostitutes and Felons placed throughout the Country from the Sacramento, California Region.

Approximately 200-300 Leaflets were dropped at the Firefighter Memorial at the State Capitol.

The meeting and parade was attended by Firefighters, Top Ranking Fire Officials from many California Counties, and included Politicians Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Assembly Member Jim Cooper.

The Red X Society is a non-associative non-profit organization with the single minded mission of eliminating the destruction of Our American way of life and the corruption of government and the media. Membership is by participation only, and at this time only serves as a Public Information Service.

Leaflet Example:
Leaflet Dropped at the California State Capitol, september 30, 2017

The same drone that delivered notices on Sept. 30th, crashed over Capitol Park the evening of Oct. 9, 2017 when the American Flag was sucked into the rear prop, during a mission to the Vice Presidential fundraiser at the Hyatt Regency in Sacramento, and informational leaflet drops have been suspended until further notice.

The Red 'X' Society feels that the firestorm that has engulfed California may be fuel by frustration of citizens unable to codify the lack of government and media response in the responsibility for explaining the egregious nature of the measures disclosed in the dropped informational leaflet, as the both the Government and Media has been challenged to answer in this matter for over 10 years.

CANT Language of Broadcast Television
Learn the Language of Broadcast Television (Cant Language, Two-Talking, Double Speak).
Learn about the strange Cant Language relationship between the California Spokesman on Northern California fires?
It's a Cant language, (Language of Beggars and Thieves), used by the Media and many PR, PIO, Public Officials. It involves the use of a common pocket dictionary, voice inflection, hand, head, and eye movement gesticulation.

During a recent news conference concerning the outbreak of Northern California fires,the Official Spokesperson made a flat open handed gesticulation indicating 2 pages out, for the interpretation of where to look in the dictionary for the "Inflected Word: Firefighter".

The key word used with the gesture was "firefighter" - and a hand gesture of (2 pages out).

This means that the word "firefighter" is 2 pages out, or back. Here, You will find the word "firefighter". The words to to get to are generally in close alignment to the given keyword.

In this case, go to the word "firefighter" in the pocket Dictionary, and look for related words to the story at hand.

You will find the following words,

Line 1.) "finding", "finish", "firefighter", "first'hand".

Line 2.) "fit" (rage), "flabbergast", "flame", "flash", "flare-up".

Line 3.)"flat-out", "flatten", "fleece", "flicker", "flier", "flight", "flit", "float".

If you apply the above information to the Story Above, you will find:

That on September 30th of 2017 the Firefighter's Memorial at the grounds of the California State Capitol hosted the recognition and honor of 31 Fallen Firefighters that had died while in Public Service.

Whereupon a firefighter's first-hand finding of a flier, of which the Image is hosted on Flickr.Com, which instill feeling of a "fit", and "flabbergasted" response that led to a "flash", "flame", "flare-up" after finding out that our Country had been "flat-out", "fleeced" from information on the "flattened", "fliers" that "flitted" toward the ground as the "firefighters" watched a non-commercial Drone's flight over Capitol Park near "L" & 13th Street at the California State Capitol.

This Cant Language is a way Media, Politicians and Public Officials communicate with others through broadcast media secretly by masking the intended audience and maintain the ability to deny that any secondary communication was taking place, if confronted.

Now, the part that you will not believe.

After years of examination of the instantaneous nature of the use of the dictionary 2 talking or Double-Speak/Cant Languages, the introduction of the communication may or may not be known to the subject using the secondary communication language.

This meaning? - The behavior is an indication of subliminal interference from an outside source. The source once thought to be MK-Ultra techniques, may in fact be a 4th dimensional/spiritual possession of the human subjects without their knowledge.

Here is a copy of an often used Dictionary that I uploaded in 2013 which is an adequate source for decoding the Cant Language used in Broadcast Television. It is 213 mb file, so it Facebookwill take a bit of time to Download.  https://app.box.com/s/xc0krrj1idvwbiyn8d3l

Leaflet Drop from DJI Mavic Pro, Sept. 30, 2017

Firefighter Memorial Leaflet Drop Target Identification Sept. 30, 2017.

Leaflet Drop Pattern Upper Right Screen Approx. 10-20 ft. Apart.
Take Care,

Tracy Mapes
The Red 'X' Society on Facebook
Tracy Mapes-News1st on Facebook -  https://www.facebook.com/Tracy-Mapes-News1st-661742347360896/?

Youtube Video: The Entire Mission, Sept. 30th, 2017 California State Capitol Park. Leaflet Drop at Approx. 5 min.
E-Mail Information and Assistance Request - 419th Flight Test Squadron U.S. Air Force.
E-Mail Air Force Assistance Request 419th Flight Test Squadron
Direct Link -  https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4497/37674049952_783fc77a5d_o.jpg

Printable Leaflet Copies.
Side 1 -  https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4472/37480623606_6bafca99c8_h.jpg
Side 2 -  https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4478/36859131953_0e21b4c5d2_h.jpg

Death of Albert Theil 1997 - Santa Paula Court 09.Dec.2017 01:56

Red X Society

maped 10.Dec.2017 09:21


I've been Maped

you think I'm making this stuff up? 10.Dec.2017 11:47


This shit for REAL

melted engine blocks!!! 10.Dec.2017 11:55


are you freaking kidding me??? NOOOOOO!
she's real fine my 409
she's real fine my 409

the best link for this info just went online yesterday 10.Dec.2017 12:06



Sacramento Fire Dept. ...was there. 10.Dec.2017 18:47

The Red 'X' Society

... at a Fire Conference when the Santa Paula blaze went out. They went to lunch, then to the fire.

I know about DEW's and the like. I got hit with them from Oct. 29, 2011 to Dec. 31, 2015.

They have both aircraft platforms, Global Hawk, U2, and National Guard Helicopters that utilize Microwave, ION, X-Ray, Gamma Ray, and Audio Frequency Modulation outside of the Human hearing range.

On the ground do not discount TV Live Truck, Police Vehicle Radar, and Handheld models possessed by USAF ANG.

Effects equal from Dead, to Disorientation, to Dyslexia, to Headaches, Stroke, Aneurysms and just plain old Sleep Deprivation.

Here's an old report.

You might ask Portland Worker Bee's to fix the above link?

I cannot discount that the fires motives may be terra-forming for profit. They are burning out high dollar real estate areas for future development. As the Trump "Two Talking" came out? ...It may be Reality related for future land exploitation over the next 100 years. Remember, they lost their asses when the housing bubble burst and new homeowners lost their initial investments trying to pay on loans they couldn't afford or normally qualify for.

Here's some pictures for you, including My dead Sister from Oct. 2, 2015. (You want to look like a "Ballpark Frank", just say, "DEW's can't be real."  https://www.flickr.com/photos/30591122@N07/albums/72157670623009305

Take Care, rAT

Just an Update to the Two-Talking Double Speak 16.Dec.2017 03:12

Red X Society


Is it a Red 'X' Fire? ...Who knows?

Here's where Fillmore lands as a Dictionary Reference, fiduciary, fie, fief, Fifth Amendment, Fifth Column, filbert, filch, fillip, Fillmore, filly, film, filmstrip.

I'm not saying it's good ...just saying.

They Should Have Known 21.Dec.2017 23:32


Of course there were going to be awful fires. And earthquakes, and mudslides, and volcanoes, and general mayhem.

It's the California lifestyle.

Live nice and die young.

It's their motto.