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Book of Q

The reason for making this book is to present a chronological account for or-dinary folks of what is either the most long lasting LARP (Live Action Role Playing, aka prank) on 4chan or indeed the biggest intelligence drop from the U.S. government to the public, ever, through an agent who calles himself 'Q'.

On October 28, a user on message board /pol/ on 4Chan who named him/herself Q - and who appeared to be a high level government insider - began posting a series of intrigu-ing messages in a thread called CBTS (Calm Before The Storm).
On October 28, a user on message board /pol/ on 4Chan who named him/herself Q - and who appeared to be a high level government insider - began posting a series of intrigu-ing messages in a thread called CBTS(Calm Before The Storm).

Q claimed POTUS was being protected by the Military because the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service are all corrupted.

Q began posting series of questions, where each question is often either a hint to the next question or an answer to the previous. The intelligent and systematic way in which Q allows the reader come to his own conclusions through answering his questions, caught the attention of many /pol/ users. Especially when some of the things Q hinted at or even predicted, became true...

1.)"Friday and Saturday will deliver on MAGA promise", Q says on oct. 31, mentions "cleaning house (gov't)." On Nov. 3 he askes "Why did JK travel to SA recently? What is SA known for? Where do the biggest donations come from?" That weekend the Saudi Arabia purge happens. The arrested Saudi Princes are the people who fund Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and own Citibank (who basically picked Obama's cabinet). Saudi assets were frozen (4 trillion USD according to Q).

2.)Oct. 31: Q said billionaire George Soros is targeted. Nov 3: Howard Rubin, fundmanager for Soros, is arrested for human trafficking and violent rape.

3.)Unverifiable claim: Tony Podesta indicted nov. 3rd, Huma Abedin 6th. They weren't arrested, but in-dictment does not necessarily equal arrest. However, the Podesta Group seems to be suddenly shutting down (11/12).

4.)Q said on Oct. 31: "Any person stating they won't run for re-election, has been put in submission"(meaning complicit but cooperating). 10 days later FOX News announced "40 politicians not running"

5.)Q said there could be social media blackouts, "but don't worry." Later, Trump twitter goes offline for a while. The 4chan/pol/ thread has also been under attack, has been flooded with spammers. The thread even went missing (error 404) at some point, was back up the next morning. Q said that the thread was being pro-tected, though attacks would continue.

6.)Over 840 sealed indictments were issued in the 12 days after Q's first announcement. This is an unusu-ally high number. Indictments are publicly announced on government websites. The normal procedure is to name the cases in the format plaintiff vs. defendant (e.g. Waldorf vs. Brokers). Sealed indictments are num-bered but nameless, and happen when it involves criminal networks. Their number has since risen to 1400+.

7.)Q sent two photo's taken from an airplane, one from a city and one from some islands in the sea. Anons (anonymous users of 4chan) identify the locations on the photos and their time stamps and they seem to match Air Force 1's trajectory, meaning the photos were taken from inside AF1 during POTUS Asia trip. Q is on board. (/pol/ is notorious for their epic "capture the flag" operations where they repeatedly took down Shia LeBoeufs Anti-Trump flag - suffice it to say they know a thing or two about identifying locations!).

The Book of Q download is attached.

A person going by "Q" 30.Nov.2017 20:47

Spreadsheet Link

A person going by "Q" has been posting questions on /pol/ that are meant to lead us to our own discoveries about wtf is going on in the world.

There is a vigorous discussion about these questions and fact checking each other. Q has provided evidence that appears to place them in Air Force One on the recent China to Vietnam leg. All evidence indicates Q has highest level clearance, possibly DOE (think nuclear.)

Basic thumbnail: Trump, Military intelligence, and NSA are all good guys. FBI, CIA and every President since Reagan are the bad guys. NSA/MI are systematically taking down bad actors around the world. Starting with Saudi Arabia then USA, Asia, and the EU. (I realize that sounds like a worst case scenario on the left but there it is.)

It has all of Q's questions and statements in one column. Then two locked columns with answers. These seem to be mostly well hashed out and true. Then a column open for others to add info. This is likely true but not totally accepted. Some weird shit may have been added and not removed yet in the unlocked columns.

It's huge. I'm still 5 days behind. 11/16/17


not buying it, until indictments are unsealed 30.Nov.2017 22:14


yep I've been following it too via other sites (not 4chan itself)...

just a bunch of eyebrow-raising coincidences until certain people start getting perp-walked in orange jumpsuits.

show me the money, 'Q'.

Dear not buying it ... 01.Dec.2017 19:01

Tracy Mapes

...don't expect any miracles from this government or law-enforcement.

Sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone else to do it for you isn't going to work either.

Unfortunately, we've all been cultured to believe that everything will be handled for us.

It's just not true. We have to get off our asses, and do it ourselves.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

hey TM fwiw 02.Dec.2017 05:15


I am, and have for years, definitely not been "sitting on the sidelines".

As far as "doing it ourselves" yes, I advocate (just for example) abolishing the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and current fiat-money economic system.

the problem with "doing it ourselves" is that nothing we 'push for' or try do 'get done' / accomplish is going to be permitted by established quasi-secretive plutocratic elites (and their complicit helpers corporate mass media). Best we can do most of the time is attempt exposure of them (as 'Q' appears to be doing, for the moment...) and hope many more citizens become aware of this. Absolutely in favor but not holding out for any 'miracle cure' or turning of tables.