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USA: A Bestial Regime

What kind of government and people would stoop to the depths of human depravity that I describe!
Fbi & cia have world in a box
Fbi & cia have world in a box


What kind of government would imprison willy nilly millions of its own people, threaten millions more with incarceration,  force thousands into suicide, torture; maim & commit mayhem and murder of  tens of  thousands of others? 

All such atrocities are committed to insure the continued enrichment of the ruling class and are designed & executed by top level power brokers such as we see in agencies like fbi, cia, doj, nsa, police.


How, I ask can such a government also commit these crimes in the name of the United States of America and wave the American flag while subjecting our people, including war veterans injured in defense of the USA, to outrageous indignities, needless suffering and bad death.

This USA exemplifies the most horrid regime ever to rule on earth over mankind, while exploiting human and natural resources in relentless pursuit of world inhumane domination, control of the universe and manipulation of the minds of men and women.

The government here is comprised of homicidal and psychopathic human monsters who infect the general population with similar infirmities. 

So, the answer to the above question is clear to those who see beyond the fog of media lies and deceit:

USA is government and people mired in hate, submerged in the swamp of morbid values, entrenched in bunkers of lethal weapons; this nation pursues war and destruction as appetizers for its ultimate battle for the very souls of men; USA tortures, mutilated and murders for sport and in celebration of its global power; and this cowardly, bestial culture secretly uses DEW, ELF and related high tech weaponry against defenseless persons to punctuate the total and hopeless depravity of government employees and civilian accomplices. 

Thank you for your attention. 

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