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The horrors of Nazi Germany continue today perpetrated by fbi/cia

The secret ways used by fbi/cops to torture and murder Targets are unspeakable.
Many people whom the fbi contact in efforts to torture, maim, kill this Target, or destroy his property are listed in many of my websites. Some actually threatened law suits after I named them as terrorists who tried to kill me.

Several individuals were relocated all expenses paid by fbi in order to assault and provoke me. Some slyly pumped toxic fumes into my residences forcing me to move 20 times in 15 years.

So, the gas and torture chambers of Nazi Germany continue today in USA and the killers are our neighbors, fbi, and professional assassins.

Never forget that the fbi and others have turned society and most citizens into hate mongers and murderers en queue. This is America today, a land dominated by very small minds predisposed to criminally torture, abuse and eliminate others.


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