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A thank you note to my friends

This thank you note to my friends everywhere is long overdue.
A special thanks to all of my Friends and associates on FACEBOOK.

We who endure the suffering, pain and death at the hands of fbi stalkers, thugs, assassins and their DEW/ELF weaponry are in a kind of war zone where each of us shares each other's grief as though injured in our battles.

Perhaps we are in a sense soldiers who have been abandoned by our own government, while we struggle for the liberty from torture and oppression promised us by that very same government.

Yet, even in our dire circumstances most of us have not lost our humanity. Unlike the tormentors of fbi & company, we do not betray our fellow man. We try to console or comfort others by addressing the conflict and the effects on our psyche, just like soldiers do on the battlefield.

So, I want to thank all here on FACEBOOK and any other forum for the gift of friendship in a world often devoid of even civility, let alone genuine friendship.

Below are a few examples of how others show sensitivity to my current life:

From my dear friend, former cia BARBARA HARTWELL about me:

"Yes, the very government he served with honor for so many years is responsible for designing and implementing a terror campaign so brutal, it's amazing that he has survived it thus far. I can honestly say, with no reservations, that the persecution Geral Sosbee has been targeted for is by far the worst I have ever investigated or even heard of, barring none. He is pursued, day in, day out, by the Hounds of Hell. They invade his home, poison his food, send thugs to intercept him at the bus stop or in other public places."

From my dear friend, Constance Rose, I share her view that our suffering is a kind of trial and a spiritual training. Constance proved to be a tremendous soul among us whose work in many forums is truly a beacon of light and truth for the oppressed. She is a humble, yet giant heart and meeting her here is an unexpected and rich reward for me.

From Kathy Haston ,
I discover the humility that shines through her great mind. Kathy is for thousands of people a wonderfully fresh, natural and giving heart who invites everyone to share her profound insights and experiences. She is unique in many ways, one of which is the natural honesty and sincerity which punctuate all of her posts online.

And from many others on FACEBOOK I find that courage abounds even under the most difficult and painful times. Thank you all. May Providence visit rewards to you for all that you suffer and give to others.

We are all here blessed to share our travails with such great people as you.

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