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Fbi are human monsters who must be put out of business

This report reflects the goals of all freedom lovers everywhere.
Fbi human monsters
Fbi human monsters
Fbi human monsters must be put out of business

All of our efforts have cumulative adverse effects on thugs and terrorists in fbi.

The torturers and assassins of fbi have good reason to terrorize or kill me because my work, in concert with others similarly
targeted, expose fbi as human monsters who must be put out of business.

The fbi agents foolishly consider themselves to be equivalent to the United States of America, so that any assault on fbi is deemed as an assault on the USA itself. Such is the nature of Fascism.

Thanks to *FACEBOOK for their support, as they also recognize the inhumanity of fbi which is viewed increasingly by many as the enemy of mankind:

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The horror of fbi's macabre tentacles touch all humans on earth, even if sometimes reaching them only subconsciously via the internet.
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