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New NYC Attack Just TOO Convenient for Administration

How do you wipe the "New Watergate" story right off the front pages and all the news programs instantly?
The latest "terror attack" in New York on Halloween (today!) is just too fishy for words. It's fishier than Charlie Tuna gulping fish sticks. It's fishier than Moby Dick and Jonah combined. It's just too damn timely and convenient considering when and where it took place. The whole world had just finished watching the incredibly disgusting Nixon-like display of this administration lying to the Press corps about absolutely everything concerning the FBI's Russian probe. Since the "coffee boy" former Presidential adviser has actually confessed to serious criminal activity while employed by the White House, it's batten down all hatches for the GOP and damn the torpedoes. How can we wipe all of this out of the public's fickle mind all at once? How about another false flag "terrorist" event? they thinketh. How about staging it near the new WTC just to make the "terrorist" angle more believable? Another truck attack would coincide with previous "terrorist" truck attacks that took place in NYC. Makes it all the more conceivable it actually was real terrorists. Which is the angle being played immediately by law enforcement as they try to "explain" what happened. You can be sure the patsy perp was killed by "hero" cops. Dead men tell no tales. Sorry, but I just don't put it past these warmongering bastards to stage a new "little 911" to save their guilty asses from treason convictions and long jail sentences. Trump & Co. are ruthless enough to stage anything. They are like cornered rats right now, and Bannon is beating them with sticks to make them even more deadly. Even Kelly is showing his true authoritarian colors as the Pentagon takes total control of the dangerous situation facing Donald (lame) Duck and the GOP. Scary Halloween indeed!!!!

You Can't Make This Stuff Up 31.Oct.2017 16:23


CNN just did an interview with a witness who saw the alleged terrorist on the ground in agony from four bullet wounds from police guns. The witness also said that a second suspect was taken into custody and handcuffed right at the scene. "A Hispanic looking man" he said. Also it's reported by many that yet another suspect ran from the truck and high tailed it into the park. A whole herd of cops later swarmed that area to no avail. The real evidence though is the footage of the main suspect staggering around the scene after leaving the truck. They want us to believe he was armed with two guns. Some say BB guns and others, including NYPD brass said they were real. But just watching this guy stumble around, obviously in a panic mode, displays someone terrified of being killed. He was probably drugged and held at gunpoint by some Blackwater type in the back of the truck while the other operative drove it 15 blocks through crowds. As soon as the truck stopped the patsy was ejected from the truck to be shot down like a duck in a barrel. Just look at him freaking OUT in that video footage. Then the driver escaped into the park and the other operative was "arrested". I'm sure we will never hear anything about that guy either. Meanwhile this poor slob they kidnapped and used is the new poster child for "Islamic Terror". This is what they DO. You can't make this stuff up.

Time to ban rental trucks civilians have no need of them. 31.Oct.2017 17:00


NOBODY needs to be able to rent a truck. If you need a moving truck, you should have to call a professional moving service. Only they can be trusted with them. There is no need for an ordinary citizen to be able to just walk in and rent a truck. Only the police, the military, and rental companies should have them.

No blood on truck, again ... 01.Nov.2017 07:28

Jody Paulson

I just saw a picture of the truck and I can already tell you this thing was staged. Where's the blood? Where's the footage? All these intersections would have cameras on them.

Julian Assange: CIA "training and armingterrorists" 01.Nov.2017 13:59


Manhattan attack wouldn't have happened if CIA 'spent less time' arming terrorists - Assange

Published time: 1 Nov, 2017 06:21
Edited time: 1 Nov, 2017 09:23

Jack Taylor / AFP
WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange slammed the CIA, saying the deadly terrorist attack in New York overnight might not have happened if the agency investigated terrorists instead of training and arming them.

"If the CIA spent more time investigating terrorists and less time training and arming them we might not have had today's truck attack in New York," the whistleblower tweeted following the attack in lower Manhattan that left eight people dead and a dozen injured on Tuesday.

If the CIA spent more time investigating terrorists and less time training and arming them we might not have had today's truck attack in New York.
Julian Assange 🔹 (@JulianAssange) October 31, 2017

The suspect, reportedly identified as 29-year-old Sayfullo Saipov, an Uzbekistan native, drove a rented truck onto a bike path near the World Trade Center memorial, striking several pedestrians and cyclists. The vehicle did not stop until it hit a school bus, then the suspect left his vehicle holding two "imitation firearms" and shouting "Allahu Akbar." He was shot by police officers before being taken into custody.

The suspect reportedly had a note in his truck that said he committed the attack on behalf of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), law enforcement told NBC News.

no way 01.Nov.2017 14:38


rAT AND Jody Paulson claiming this is staged? Incredible. Someone get Tracy Mapes in here to complete the triad of batshit crazy conspiracy theory.

Just Another Counterfeit Crisis 01.Nov.2017 18:19


90% confidence that this was yet another counterfeit crisis. I doubt it has anything to do with Trump and his screwed-up white house. Pretty obviously just another horrific shadow state production. None of the pieces fit together, and every detail in the media was carefully filtered through the "proper channels".

(You don't think Trump did JFK and 9/11, do you?)

Assange is a spy 02.Nov.2017 10:26


Assange is a Russian operative

RE: "Assange is a spy / Assange is a Russian operative" your PROOF? 02.Nov.2017 12:05


who do you believe:
Amy Goodman or Julian Assange?

Julian Assange on Roger Stone & Accusations About WikiLeaks and Trump Campaign Ties to Russia
October 10, 2017 Watch Full Show


video interview:

READ transcript and WATCH-LISTEN CLOSELY to the interview.

All Our Media Is Now Controlled By Spies 02.Nov.2017 12:08


Everything in "our" media is 99.9% controlled by American shadow government secret agents. And our shadow government demands that we hate Russia, even though there is no reason for that other than it does not control Russia.

I don't worry about Assange at all. I know that the shadow government has placed us back into the limitless terror of a cold war with Russia for no reason except their desire to rule the whole world. As a result, tomorrow may never arrive.

why would _anybody_ "worry" about Assange (or Snowden)? 02.Nov.2017 12:22


the only people finger-pointing


at Assange / Snowden, are statist apologists for the plutomilitarybanking-industrial complex. Like that clown over at USN War College / Harvard, Tom Nichols aka 'RadioFreeTom' who penned a September 2016 hit piece on JA / WikiLeaks for right wing 'The Federalist'.

That is, only people clinging desperately a 'Cold War' (or 'War On Terror'/Terra) U.S. vs Russia / U.S. vs "Bad Guys" conspiracist psychological aberration.

if Assange / Snowden *were* actually on the 'Russian' payroll i.e. "spies" who were delivering intel goods tout-de-suite-on-a-platter to the Russian oligarchs -

then WHY THE ***K did they transparently publish it all??!

p.s. for doubters, again ^^ WATCH Democracy Now! interview above linked

Amy Goodman Has A Big TV Presence, So... 02.Nov.2017 13:07


I don't know about Assange, but it has been clear to me that Amy Goodman is a major shadow government of America operative. She is rather subtle about it, but you don't get her kind of big time TV presence unless you are on the team.

bin laden & Goodman 08.Dec.2017 17:41


Goodman still says Bin Laden did 911. Go figure..