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Most Of Antifa = Upper Middle Class White Males In Their 20s and 30s.

sure are

there's a them there ...maybe? 01.Nov.2017 03:02

Red X Society

Most BLM disaffected white 30 somethings?


After some observation, I think most of the "Real" Protesters have been heavily suppressed since the 99-1% Shutdown Series.

The others? - Government produced propaganda to put on the news to justify more security expenditures.

Thank you Captain Obvious 01.Nov.2017 12:21


Tell us something we don't know.

Do you have anything to add of interest here?

"anything to add of interest" (?) 01.Nov.2017 14:05


well maybe when they reach their age of 50s/60s, will have opportunity to follow in alleged Las Vegas mass murderer Stephen Paddock's footsteps:

upper middle class

just spitballin' here

assuming Paddock was the lone wolf LV shooter to begin with...

stupid logic & stupid post 01.Nov.2017 17:58


certainly-not local news

RE: "certainly-not local news " No, no it wasn't. 01.Nov.2017 21:36


>> newswire article announcements united states 31.Oct.2017 10:42

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