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Evidence of fbi's criminally insane serial killers

This report with a key link shows how the fbi employees kill people with complete anonymity and impumity.
Serial Killers Working As fbi Agents & Operatives:



Alt. Link:


Recently I learned that fbi gained access to airducts leading to my apartment and that these fbi agents & operatives armed with a federal court order convinced property managers to ignore fbi visits into rooms adjoining my unit.

The fbi then pumped toxic fumes into my unit in efforts to kill me (and to injure my wife), knowing that I am vulnerable from birth to mortal illness when subjected to cigarette fumes.

About 15 years ago a fbi female, monstrous operative moved into a unit adjoining mine and she pumped a great amount of cigarette fumes into my unit while I *slept, thereby sending me to emergency care and forcing me out of my condominium permanently.

Later, a Harlingen, Texas cop also assisted fbi in her similar efforts to kill me , as she moved into an adjoining unit with her cigarettes in hand and began pumping fumes into my unit.

These psychopaths working for fbi are examples of sick serial killers who murder people with no questions asked and no inquiry ever made. Such is the criminally insane character of USA's most powerful and wrongfully respected police agency, the fbi.

* The fbi turned off temporarily ELF attack to allow me to sleep during the extreme assault that night with toxic cigarette fumes.

homepage: homepage: http://austin.indymedia.org/article/2017/10/22/wrap-fbi-crimes-against-geral-sosbee
phone: phone: 9565091454
address: address: USA

Fbi induces heart problems with ELF 22.Oct.2017 21:41

Geral gsosbee@gmail.com

Of course now the fbi's ELF attacks cause ATRIAL FIBRILLATION and life threatening heart problems, so they are content with their stealth crimes.

Fbi Nazis
Fbi Nazis

Dear Geral 25.Oct.2017 14:53

Tracy Mapes

We know that you have been attacked and disenfranchised, and you post the same info over and over again.

But what are the solutions?

Formulate some way to answer the attacks, either directly, developing protection strategies, or encourage public complaint.

If We don't concentrate on solutions, there will be no response. The Government has put America on Hold.

There is no rescue plan.

So, if we can't create comprehensive solution strategies, we are nothing but lost dogs howling in the wind.

Make a list Geral. How do you protect yourself? How do yo make a differenece?