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For those interested in my recent observations on fbi atrocities, see:
Fbi human monsters
Fbi human monsters


Conclusions of Facts

All who assist fbi assassins are guilty as principals
Fri 20 October 2017

Fbi crime spree
Thu 19 October 2017

Fbi easily converts people into assassins
Wed 18 October 2017

Fbi guilty as charged with crimes against humanity
Capture a hundred years in just a few words
Tue 17 October 2017

Random Reflections
Sun 15 October 2017

Summary of my recent reports
Who are the traitors in collusion with fbi assassins?
Sat 14 October 2017

Injustices & crimes by fbi and their fmj
Fri 13 October 2017

Here is what Targets and ultimately all people face
Thu 12 October 2017

fbi intelligence group is nervous over chatter generated by my reports
Tue 10 October 2017

The fbi today is a neo NAZI terror group
Sun 8 October 2017

Notice of fbi criminality run amuck in a world in crisis
Fri 6 October 2017

Medical report, toxic fumes, insults and DEW/ELF
Wed 4 October 2017

F b i assassins now have authority over new attorney applicants
Mon 2 October 2017

F b i is responsible for Las Vegas massacre
Sat 30 September 2017

F b i blackballs and obscures my biography
F b i commits act of war
Fri 29 September 2017

The dirty, deadly, dastardly burro, i.e., fbi

The most heinous criminal offenders in the two hundred thousand years history of homo sapiens on earth are those who engage in torture, mayhem, forced suicide and murder; we see them today in the ranks of fbi/cia/police and their operatives (including doctors and judges) who are serial killers, whose crimes are unspeakable , and who routinely & violently attack bodies, minds and hearts for sport, profit & perverse pleasure.

May their souls never find peace.

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