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Medical reort, toxic fumes, insults and DEW/ELF

This post is a kind of journal regarding my efforts to live.
For the record this date (10-5-17) a medical doctor, in response to my report of 15 - 17 years of sleep deprivation caused by DEW and ELF entered the flowing medical diagnosis on GERAL SOSBEE: "ATRIAL FIBRILLATION WITH RAPID MEAN VENTRICULAR RESPONSE, Abnormal ECG".

The doctor further advised that I am at "risk of stroke, or heart attack".

For 17 years I have moved repeatedly to flee from chemical or toxic fumes (including cigarette smoke) as directed by medical doctors regarding my weak lungs.

Presently I reside at a complex that tells me they are "smokefree": 1001 E. Fern, Domit Redwood Apartments, MCALLEN TEXAS 78501, where I have also moved 3 times to avoid cigarette fumes.

After many reports of smoke or fumes entering the apartment the supervisor here, Mr. Michael Kirby, states to me as follows on 10-6-17:

You Are "psychosomatic & confrontational; go see the fbi."

In fact I met with the supervisor only because the manager here, MIMI GALLARDO, and the owner's daughter, Marlene Domit, directed me to do so. So, after the insults I realize that my living environment is another risk in life. Seventeen years ago my condominium in Brownsville, Texas was flooded with toxic cigarette fumes, sending me for emergency medical treatment.

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