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Left-Wing Secession

Secession is the withdrawal of a state or place from a larger organization such as a country. In 2018 there might be a vote in California asking people if they want to secede from the United States. There are irreconcilable differences between the left and the right. Secession is a way to settle those differences without one side ruling over the other side or annihilating the other side.
Separation of the opposing sides is the best way to deal with irreconcilable differences. States where most voters are Democrats such as California, Illinois, and New York should secede from the US. About one-third of Americans are hardcore conservatives who will not change, dialogue and education will not change them, and they will keep winning elections under the current political system. Without secession the best we will get in the future is a liberal president every 8 years like Obama who cannot enact progressive policies because of strong opposition from the right. We haven't had much progressive reforms since the 1960s because the federal government is deadlocked due to the irreconcilable differences between the left and the right, and that will continue for another 50-100 years without something like secession or a miracle happening. The left won't get what it wants unless the left secedes from the US and forms its own country because the right will prevent left-wing policies from becoming law, since so many Americans vote for right-wing politicians.

The establishment is the Democratic Party, Republican Party, military-industrial complex, mainstream media, and the federal government. We don't hear about secession as a political option because the establishment opposes secession since the break up of the US would mean less money and power for them. The establishment dumbs us down with a phony patriotism consisting of flags, July 4th, fireworks, national anthems, and pledges of allegiance that try to unite a country that has never been united and never will be united.

Some states have a Democratic majority in one part of the state and a Republican majority in another part of the state. If western Oregon has a Democratic majority and eastern Oregon has a Republican majority then maybe Oregon could be divided between two separate countries, western Oregon could secede from the US, and eastern Oregon could remain part of the US. In states where many people want to secede and many people don't want to secede, the state can be divided between two separate countries, where one part of the state secedes from the US and another part of the state remains part of the US. The part of the state that secedes would be composed of people who want secession. The part of the state that doesn't secede would be composed of people who oppose secession.

Politics in the US features a left-wing party versus a right-wing party competing with each other: Democrats versus Republicans. Politics in the new independent countries like California would feature left-wing groups such as progressives, socialists, anarchists, and libertarians competing with each other and working together. Places that have seceded could be composed of autonomous communities that can decide how they want to live. Autonomous communities may need to form an alliance so they can defend themselves from people who oppose secession. People who live in an autonomous community have more freedom than those who don't. Secession is a way to create a world of autonomous communities that people are free to join and free to leave, a world where every city, town, neighborhood, and region, is self governing. It is unknown what the political structure of the places that seceded would be like. It would depend on the political views of the people living there. If most of the people there had libertarian views then it would probably be a region of autonomous communities that doesn't have a capital or leader. If most of the people there had authoritarian views then it would probably be a country with a capital and a leader.

The new independent countries that seceded from the US would be a fresh start, would replace the US which was founded on right-wing ideologies, slavery, and colonialism in the 1700s. Hopefully the new independent countries would view the indigenous tribes in North America such as the Navajo and Sioux not as part of the US, but as countries whose land was stolen, who should be internationally recognized as countries separate from the US. Places that are seceding from the US should seek international recognition as independent countries and should be shown on maps of the world as independent countries, not as part of the US. Places that are seceding may need to ask for help from people and organizations outside the US. Today international recognition of newly independent countries is granted by the United Nations. If the UN will not recognize a place that has seceded from the US as an independent country then we could create a global organization that is an alternative to the UN that does recognize places that have seceded from the US as independent countries. This global organization could produce maps of the world that show places that have seceded as independent countries, not as part of the US.

We should oppose the US government's wars because governments use war as a way to unite the country around a common goal like winning the war. To prevent secession the US government may start a war, join a war that is already happening, or exaggerate the threat from a foreign power. That is why we must oppose war with North Korea or any other foreign power. The US government may attack North Korea as a way to prevent states from seceding. To fight the war the US government will ask for troops and money from all the states. The president might say that states cannot secede because we need troops and money from all states to fight North Korea. People who are against secession will always use war as a reason to keep the country together and they will say that secessionists are traitors for opposing war. We must fight these accusations if they arise.

Secession is possible in the US because in 1991 the Soviet Union broke up. It was illegal for places to secede from the Soviet Union but it happened anyway, and it happened quickly, about three years after the first mass protests in 1988. The first protests called for reform not secession. The Soviet government in Moscow was opposed to secession until the very end but mass protests were successful at breaking up the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union broke up and they had a very large military. Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, used the military and the police to keep the Soviet Union together. The Soviet Union, like the US today, was a superpower with nuclear weapons, a large military, a large police force, and a big prison system, but in the end the Soviet Union failed at using the military and the police to keep itself together, and it is unlikely that the US government could use the military or the police to keep the US together if a mass movement for secession happened.

Know your rights. The First Amendment, which gives us free speech and freedom of association and assembly, makes it legal for people in the US to talk about secession, to join secessionist organizations, and to participate in meetings, protests, and movements for secession. To secede we don't need the federal government's permission. Few countries have gained their independence legally. Most of the countries in the world today became independent illegally after a unilateral declaration of independence without the permission of the country or empire they seceded from. History is full of times when a place became independent by separating from a country or empire. Secession is a normal human behavior that has been happening in all parts of the world for thousands of years. Secession is a human right that we all have whether or not a government says it is legal. To secede is not a crime, it is self defense.

Here's two reasons why people should try to secede even if it is illegal:
1. Law is not the same thing as ethics. Law is not ethics and ethics is not law. Law is the use of force by a group of people who physically dominate most other people in a certain territory. Ethics is knowing the difference between right and wrong, and choosing to do what is right. Ethics is a discussion about right and wrong.
2. Words such as crime, criminal, law, illegal, and legal are used to control everyone, to stop social change, and to control protests about political, social, and economic issues. When we think about something or talk about something we should try to determine if it is right or wrong, we should not try to determine if it is legal or illegal. If secession is right but illegal then people should try to secede because it is the right thing to do.

Places that secede may need a new constitution. The people who wrote the US constitution in the 1700s did not know about the problems we have today. We don't have to live by the constitution that was written in the 1700s by people who are all dead now. People alive today should not be forced to live by the constitution that was written over 200 years ago. Nobody alive today had any say in the writing of the constitution. The constitution is not an eternal, supernatural document that will last forever, that has special powers, that follows us around everywhere we go and makes us obey it. The constitution can be changed, disobeyed, or destroyed. People can write a new constitution.

Anonymously written in 2016 and 2017. This writing can be copied, posted, translated, and distributed without permission from the author. Post this all over the internet. If this doesn't get approved for posting on a certain website then post it as a comment to an article about politics, post it on social media, or email it to people.

Source:  http://la.indymedia.org/news/2017/09/295864.php

Not the Fascist Democrats Again 10.Oct.2017 15:16


I find this "reasoning" to be based on blatant absurdities. Chief among them is that the Democrats are "left wing" and the Republicans are "right wing". What utter nonsense! THERE IS NO REAL DIFFERENCE. They are both simply and equally fascist, but with a very thin veneer fake capitalism. The whole USSA is run by a gangster shadow government anyway.

And the likelihood of a secession is nearly nonexistent. We really should be demanding strategic hedge simple score voting, which would soon remove both of those murderous corrupt "parties".

"Left" and "right" won't matter anymore once the population recognizes the true responsibilities associated with genuine self-rule.