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Weep For Mankind, Not For Me

This post serves to remind all independent thinkers of the total corruption of fbi.
Weep For All Mankind, Not For Me.

Never in the 100 year history of the fbi has a Special Agent (SA) hired by J. Edgar Hoover had the profound effect on that corrupt agency as SA GERAL SOSBEE. Furthermore, I fully expect that this overthrown government will be exposed and that GERAL SOSBEE's reports are integral to the people's discovery of fbi atrocities and for the demand for a powerful constitutional convention to thoroughly overhaul the U.S. government.

The fbi is acutely aware of the damage that I have caused them globally by my well documented reports of fbi high crimes and pervasive evil.
The fbi needs to silence me, but have failed to do so for 30 years.

Every dirty trick in fbi's arsenal have been used against me, as I have enumerated in thousands of reports, articles, papers, posts, WRIT etc., most of which are online.

I post on FACEBOOK to allow all members here to witness my experiences first hand. I do not seek to alarm anyone, nor to bring attention to myself. The goal is to educate the world regarding the extreme murderous corruption of the fbi and the need to stop these demented thugs permanently.
If the fbi be not destroyed, then human suffering continues to spread worldwide for generations to come.

So, understand that my life is thoroughly dedicated to the mission that is the destruction of the fbi. Nothing deters me and nothing stops me, not even life threatening injuries inflicted on me by fbi MAFIA hoodlums.

So, the next time the reader here sees the letters "FBI" on movie & tv screens, or hears the news mention those dirty letters, remember that the public is programmed by lies, deceit and complete fraud regarding fbi operations and culture.

The murderous tentacles of fbi reach into and touch every segment of our society. They infect every mind that they seek to influence, and the fbi is almost never seen as the snake that it is. I speak herein regarding Special Agents, operatives, assets, informants, street thugs and anyone who cooperates with any fbi so called investigation.

As for me, I am quite content to live out my life in the battle against the most despicable, cowardly and heinous group of assassins ever to call earth their home: The federal bureau of investigation. If I succeed in helping to remove the fbi from society & government, then all of my pain & suffering will have been worth the effort. If I fail in that goal, then I still claim victory for contributions to our fellow humans as a result of my purpose driven life.

Thank you.

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