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Eye Opener

After decades of reflection and study,I offer this brief synthesis of fbi/cia atrocities.
F b I History Bhook Featuring GERAL SOSBEE
F b I History Bhook Featuring GERAL SOSBEE
When I first began online reporting, I could not fully comprehend the complexities associated with gang stalking by fbi's professional assassins.

Today, after 3 decades of criminal assaults (both physical and psychological and by directed energy weaponry, DEW) I begin to see the emerging evil in fbi operations that threaten everyone on earth.

The fbi knows that DEW assaults drive Targets insane.
Yet, when Myron May and Aaron Alexis started shooting people the fbi and their media accomplices respond that the two men were unbalanced.

I documented online that fbi agents and operatives anonymously falsely wrote in comments that GERAL SOSBEE is a murderer because he served in combat in Vietnam; in the next breath, the fbi fraudulently announces that GERAL SOSBEE is a possible mass murderer.

How, I ask could fbi and army officials permit this kind of libel against a veteran. The answer is that the fbi has experience with their victims of DEW attacks where they do in fact become violent and lash out.

Understand that the fbi also sends teams of thugs to commit assault and battery on my person, hoping and expecting that I might defend myself. Indeed, in some instances the fbi operative displays his firearm and suggests that I prepare to die.

Additionally, the DEW attacks do much more than cause sleep deprivation; I originally listed a few other symptoms of DEW assaults here:


At the same time the fbi had several cops threatening me on campus and a US Army intelligence officer filed a false report in efforts to have me arrested.
After long and difficult reflection, I now realize that DEW attacks cause paralysis, blindness & deafness, stimulation of organs as reported by Eleanor White et.al.,and can program the human brain to act out in ways predictable to the scientists who invent, apply and perfect the science.

I also deduce that these scientists are 'crazy', or completely immoral for turning the DEW over to fbi/cia for global attacks on people. The mapping of the human brain and the knowledge of how to affect human behavior by strategic assaults (including voice to skull programming) suggests that our world and everyone in it are subject to mind manipulation of a horrible nature.

Congress and the courts do not concern themselves with how the executive branch of government conquers & subdues. After all the USA faces some resistance in efforts at world inhumane domination.

Thus, I conclude that all of the legitimate reports that issue from Targets of DEW are well founded and should be thoroughly examined. We face a nearly impossible task of truly unveiling the shroud of secrecy protected by fbi/cia and Pentagon top officials.

Thank you and may Providence provide aid, comfort and blessings to all who suffer and die under the murderous oppression of fbi/cia and their associates globally.

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